Habitat Builds Houses and Roofs Where It Counts

Grand Traverse, Michigan, is working together to help people feel at home. James Hardie, creator of the siding that bears his name, has teamed up with the community to build Habitat for Humanity homes. There’s a YouTube video chronicling some of their work, which includes roof repairs and other upgrades, as well as information about […]

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Taking Of Your Home Properly Actions You Should Take To Ensure Your Home Is Safe

There are millions of homeowners throughout the United States alone. All houses look different, depending on what the homeowner desires. There are some homes that are small and comfortable. There are some homes that are large and spacious. But, regardless of the appearance of a home, there is a commonality between all homeowners throughout the […]

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How Securing Your Home Can Increase Its Market Value

If you own a home, you have certainly thought about how to make your home secure. It’s common sense. You and your family live in your home, you keep all of your most valuable possessions there, so you want to make sure it is as protected as possible from all kinds of threats. However, there […]

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