The Benefits of Vinyl Shake Siding


Vinyl siding

If you are having a home built or replacing the siding on your home, you might want to consider vinyl shake siding. Many home owners prefer having vinyl siding because of the ease of installation, low maintenance, insulating ability, and other benefits. Made of (PVC) polyvinyl chloride, it provides superior protection for your home and comes in a wide variety of fade resistant colors. For those who prefer a rustic look to their home without the high cost and maintenance of natural wood, vinyl shake siding is the answer.

Opting for traditional cedar shake for siding may seem like a great idea when you want your home to look rustic. However, cedar vinyl shake siding has more benefits. Cedar vinyl shake siding is less expensive than actual cedar wood, easier to maintain and more durable. The large palette of colors and styles of vinyl shake siding provide consumers with many options. Many vinyl shake siding choices are available, such as split shake, straight edge shake, hand split shake, staggered shake and shingles. Cedar accents come in several shapes, including, round, fish scale, hexagon, square, mitered corner, have cove and octagon.

When vinyl siding was first produced many years ago, it did not stand up to the weather and deteriorated after a few years. This problem is no longer a concern because of today’s technology. New technology in materials and manufacturing produce vinyl shake siding that is resistant to damages caused by the sun, rain and wind. If you use traditional wood siding, special maintenance is required to avoid damages that termites and other insects may cause. This is not a problem with vinyl shake siding.

Each vinyl shake siding manufacturing company produces its own unique lines. Checking out several manufacture’s lines of vinyl shake siding is the best way to find the exact style you like. Vinyl siding can cover the entire exterior walls of your home, or you can combine it with other siding to give your home a unique look. Vinyl siding normally comes with long warranties compared to other types of siding. The Internet is a great place to start your search for different styles and colors. It makes it easy to compare and select when you look at the different collections.