Stormwater Runoff Systems


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The Environmental Protection Agency has their hands full when it comes to making sure the right solutions are implemented for a cleaner earth. Water generated from heavy rainfall causes floods and situations where runoff picks up pollutants so there must be a solution for stormwater runoff. Preventing areas from flooding and removing pollutants from water collected for drinking and other purposes is done by using stormwater runoff systems that the EPA can approve of. A major part of stormwater runoff systems involve filtration systems that help to eliminate and prevent unwanted materials from getting into the drains and ground water. In fact, several different series of filters are needed to remove pollutants effectively.

Pollutants like garbage, oil, chemicals, and debris are picked up by flowing water generated from heavy storms. While collecting this water is important, it’s more important to make sure these pollutants are removed with stormwater runoff systems. Both rural and urban areas that are susceptible to flooding also rely on stormwater runoff systems as well. An engineer and land surveyor is needed to come up with a design solution unique for the area that will be relying on stormwater runoff systems. Designing these systems is done by following the standards and guidelines that the EPA has set.

One of the simplest forms of stormwater runoff systems that we see every day is in parking lots. Parking lots are designed with a certain percentage of a slope and a filtration system as well which helps to manage stormwater runoff. Parking lots are known for vehicles leaking oil, which is why stormwater runoff systems are so important. Oil must be removed from the water collected from storms in order to avoid health and environmental issues. Another popular runoff system is seen along sidewalks.

Sidewalks are designed to collect water while at the same time removing garbage, oil, chemicals, and other debris. Stormwater runoff systems are also seen out in the country. Ditches are dug on both sides of a highway to prevent the highway from flooding during heavy rainfall. Finding products for stormwater runoff systems is made simple by going online and doing some research. More information about stormwater runoff systems can be found on social networks, blogs, and business directories. Contractors must pay attention to solutions for water control solutions as well before they begin breaking ground.
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