Learn About Ash Borer Control


Emerald ash borer control methods

The ash borer is a pest that was accidentally introduced to the North American region. It preys on the ash tree and can effectively kill a tree if measures are not taken to remove the pest from the tree in time. With the devastating effect this borer has already had on the ash tree population, it is important to have effective ash borer control in order to protect the remaining ash trees.

If effective ash borer control is not exercised in a timely manner, the entire population of ash tress in North America could perish. With more than 50 million ash trees already wiped out due to this invasive pest, ash borer control is needed in order to protect the remaining 7.5 trees. By breaking the eleven year cycle of the ash borer that begins when the pest invades an area, ash borer control is possible.

Originally from Asia, the ash borer is a beetle. These days, there is a strict quarantine on the transport of logs, trees and firewood that has been in areas where the ash borer has been known to thrive. It is hoped that this step will help prevent the spread of these invasive pests.

For those people who have noticed their beautiful ash trees dying, the first step they will likely take is to call on an expert who deals with trees. The identification of the ash borer is typically not difficult though the tree expert will likely indicate that eradicating the problem is beyond their realm of expertise. In order to successfully treat the problem, it will be necessary to seek the advice of a pest control company that has specific experience with ash borer control. By using these professionals, it is possible that a person can save their remaining ash trees.