How Plantation Shutters Could Increase the Value of Your Home


Window shutters

With so many unlimited options, decorating your home can be an arduous task. If you are in the market for window treatments, but are looking for something more unique than your standard window blinds, plantation shutters are a unique, affordable option worth considering.

Plantation shutters have several benefits over traditional shades or interior shutters. Insulating qualities, light control, durability, and easy maintenance are only few of many benefits of choosing them to decorate your home with.

“Plantation shutters” refers to wooden shutters with broad louvres, mounted in a solid frame. The term “plantation” is in relation to shutters specifically in the US, since shutters were brought to America when the south was colonised by the Spanish. Wooden style shutters were popular on the mansions on the plantations in these areas, which led to the coining of the phrase “plantation shutters”.

Not only are plantation shutters significantly more durable than traditional shades (lasting up to 20 years with good maintenance!), but they are also being recognized by realtors as an added value to a home during appraisals. While traditional interior shutters are made from wood, the shift from wood to synthetic materials has begun to trend in the market as a result of energy efficiency, easy maintenance, and how cost effective they are. Plantation shutters also come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to make them customizable for any room.

If you are in the market for window treatments, you may want to consider investing some time into researching plantation shutters. Not only are they durable and easily customizable, but they also possess energy saving capabilities and the ability to boost the value of your home. Their versatility and over all extensive list of benefits are what has plantation shutters becoming arguably the most sought after window treatment of them all. References: