Read This Before Drinking from the Tap


Omni water filters

Not all drinking water is clean. In fact, according to recent studies, 15 percent of public water supplies, and up to 40 percent of private water supplies are contaminated. This contamination most commonly contains a form of bacteria, including coliform. Whole house water filter systems can help prevent contamination of home water systems.

While the EPA regulates over 80 contaminants such as arsenic, e coli, cryptosporidia and lead, many public and home water systems can still contain chlorine and fluoride. These chemicals are typically added to public water supplies and, when accumulated, can be extremely dangerous. Omni water filters and pentek water filters can help prevent the accumulation of dangerous chemicals and toxins.

Toxins can be added to water through a variety of situations, including contaminants that leak in and chemicals that are used to treat the water. These toxins can easily be filtered out through EPA approved filters. However, many cities do not use filters and systems that are EPA approved. Whole house water filters can be installed to eliminate toxins that city filters miss.

Contaminants differ between city and country living. In order to determine what filters are best for your area, be sure to have your water tested. You will then be able to better assess which american plumber water filter, or other type of filter, to use.

When installing a whole house water filter, determine what type of whole house water filter you need. If a lot of contaminants are making it into your water system, you will need a more efficient system that eliminates more contaminants. Contrarily, if only a few are making it in, you may only need a simpler whole house water filter.

Whole house filter systems typically use absorption filters to cleanse the water. Other filters that could possibly be found in the whole house filter option, but are typically used in other settings are reverse osmosis and ultra violet filters, with ultra violet being the most effective.