Advantages Of Prehung Interior Doors


Indoor door

Replacing a door or installing new doors during a renovation or building project can be a delicate and time consuming process. However, you can give yourself an advantage by choosing prehung interior doors instead of slab doors, and save time and trouble without sacrificing style or quality.

A prehung interior door is just that. A door that is prehung inside an included frame that goes somewhere inside your home. But the variety of doors available can be bewildering. Bedroom doors, dining room doors, French doors, French patio doors, solid doors, hollow doors… and in every kind of wood imaginable. Your choice of door styles can dictate other choices in your house. But where do you begin?

If you are only replacing one door, your decision becomes easier. Just try to choose a prehung interior door that matches the rest of your decor. In many cases you can find a nearly identical match to the door you are replacing. However, if you are building a home, or remodeling several rooms with multiple doors, the options expand quite a bit. Choosing a door style and color might set the tone for the entire room. In fact, it may be best to completely finish the renovation and leave the doors until last, so that you can be sure to match the right door with your overall style. In this instance, choosing a prehung interior door over a slab door will make your installation much smoother.

You can shop online for prehung interior doors or visit a showroom to see the doors firsthand. While the Internet may present you with more options, choosy designers may prefer to see the actual piece that will be installed, to personally inspect wood quality, finish, and craftsmanship. But with the flexibility and ease of a prehung interior door, you can be assured of plenty of options, so you can find just the right door for your space.