Renovating a Bathroom Can Be Timely and Expensive! We Can Help


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A bathroom renovation takes proper and thorough planning. There are many options when it comes to choosing shower bases, toilets, and basins. Even commercial toilets and commercial urinals can become a tough decision! Read the following article and become educated about the various showers bases and toilets available.

There are many types of shower bases, and it is important to sift through the options before making a decision. Precast shower bases come ready to install, and can be purchased in various shapes and sizes. Before investing in a precast, make sure it has an adequate slope, tile flange, slip resistance, and a good warranty. Acrylic shower bases are constructed with a fiberglass base and are covered with a thermo forming acrylic. Fiberglass shower bases consist of a fiberglass substrate and a gel coat finish. Solid surface shower bases are constructed from various materials and composites, and are cast or compression molded. Cultured marble shower bases are made from crushed limestone and resin, and then finished with gel coats. A custom tile shower base can either be built by a manufacturer, or can be constructed from a kit, and is usually quite a time consuming process. Finally, a tile shower base pan can be installed and is one piece that combines drains and tile flanges. There are many options that suit different needs, so be careful when deciding on shower bases.

And then there is the world of toilets! Most toilets work using similar chain reaction technology. The flush causes a valve to raise, which enables a flow of water, while the siphon removes waste through the drain, and into the sewer. While it logically seems that the tank is the most important part of the toilet, this is simply not the case!

Some may be considering replacing the home toilet, whereas other may need to renovate commercial lavatories for an office or business. There are many considerations to take into account before choosing a toilet. Most toilets use the weight and height of the water in the tank in combination with gravity to flush away waste through the drain. However, recent technology uses a vacuum to assist the flushing system, and provides a more efficient and reliable flush.

Toilets generally work in a similar fashion, but they do vary to some degree, and it is important to consider these differences before making a decision. Some toilets are more cost effective and eco friendly than other toilets because they use less water. Traditionally, standard and low flow toilet options are available, but dual flush toilets are becoming a more popular choice. Also, a paperless toilet experience is available, called bidets, and are particularly appealing for individuals with limited mobility. Finally, consider the maintenance involved with a toilet before making a purchase. Some may be relatively maintenance free, while other may require the help of a professional.