The Basics of Vaneer Edgebanding


Wood veneer sheets

What is edge banding? Vaneer edgebanding is used for carpentry and for furniture making. It is used to cover the exposed sides of cheaper, common materials like plywood, with another material, like wood, in order to make it appear solid and more valuable. It sometimes comes preglued, in which case it only needs to be melted in order to seal to a surface. Otherwise, one needs a primer and adhesive in order to get it to stick. It is necessary to make sure the vaneer edgebanding stays securely stuck to the furniture, otherwise the appearance is ruined and it can accidentally poke people who are sitting down, et cetera.

Vaneer edgebanding is edgebanding that looks specifically like vaneer wood. Typically, it will come on something that looks like a very solid role of tape. They can vary in both size and flexibility. Wood veneer sheets help improve the look of quality made furniture, while lowering the cost of production since only the outside needs to appear to be wood. Furniture grade wood veneer is needed for furniture, otherwise there is a risk of cracking, color loss, et cetera.

For non wood veneer edgebanding, there is melamine edgebanding. Unlike real wood veneer sheets, melamine is a bit more durable, being color fast, heat resistant, washable, and static free. These are especially important qualities to have for carpentry since melamine edgebanding will often come into contact with water, heat, et cetera, owing to its proximity to heaters, vacuums, mops and other types of common household items.

Overall, it is important to get the right vaneer edgebanding for your project in order to ensure that a quality product or service is being given and that no one will be able to tell that the wood is only a edgebanding and not all the way through. Find more: