Home Looking Worse for Wear? Buy Some Area Rugs, and Play Up Lighting


Stainless steel dishwashers

Everyone know the popular adage, “Home is where the heart is.” Going home at the end of a long day should mean comfort, maybe a relaxing nap. It can be hard to feel at home, or relax, when you are living in an apartment or house with blank, white walls, worn and tattered furniture, and scuffed up bare floors. Leave your stress at the door. Follow these steps to make your home as “home-y” and welcoming as possible.

Embrace Area Rugs

Discount area rugs can do a lot for your home. Sick of the cream-colored, washed out living room carpet? Throw a vibrant area rug on top to add instant style, and color, to bland rooms. Area rugs also work great on hardwood floors. Up your home’s flair, and class, with area rugs for dining rooms, or area rugs to cover up those hardwood floors in the bedrooms.

Go Big, and Shiny

Decorating, especially in smaller rooms, can be difficult. Open up small spaces by selecting furniture and appliances very carefully. According to designer David Kaihoi, “Big furniture makes a small room seem grander.” The next time you are out shopping for affordable sofas, make sure it is a larger one, too. Another tip? When shopping for coffee and end table sets, consider furniture with glass tops. Glass tops reflect more light, and create the illusion of more space. Stainless steel dishwashers, sinks, and refrigerators will also make the most of lighting, and help open up smaller rooms.

Repaint Furniture

White reflects the most light, so it is a popular, and safe, choice for walls. Renters may have no choice but to make the most of white walls, too. In either case, there is a simple solution. Painting furniture can help give rooms that extra “pop” and vibrancy you are looking for, without repainting an entire room.

Stop feeling out of place in your own home. Make your home comfortable, cozy, and visually appealing. Consider area rugs for dining rooms, make sure furniture is large, or works well with your home’s lighting, and consider painting bed posts and dressers in rooms with blank white walls.