Four Reasons Plantation Shutters are a Great Addition to Your Home



Installing blinds and shutters is a great way to upgrade the interior of your home. Whether you are just looking for a new aesthetic or want to improve the overall functionality of a room, installing wooden plantation shutters can be quite beneficial. Though there are lots of different window blinds and shutters to choose from, plantation shutters tend to be one of the best option. In addition to providing a great look, they offer several advantages that other choices simply do not.

Easily Control Light

After a long week at work or school, you might just want to spend the weekend lounging on the couch and napping. But the sun shining through the windows can be quite annoying and make it difficult to relax. While burying your face in a pillow might be a good solution, you won’t have to do that if you have plantation shutters. The way plantation shutter parts are put together allows them to let the light in when you want an active day, or keep it out when all you want to do is get to sleep.

Improve Home Efficiency

More than 70% of heat gain and loss in a home can be attributed to the windows. During the summer, when too much heat comes in, AC units might have to run more, and when heat leaves during the winter, your furnace might have to run constantly. In part because the plantation shutter parts work to let light in or keep it out and because they can be custom fit to virtually any window, they are great for keeping rooms at a comfortable temperature. They might even be able to help you lower monthly utility bills.

Low Maintenance

Some window treatments, like curtains, require a lot of work to be cleaned properly. And, even if they are cleaned regularly, they might still need to be replaced after a little while. However, plantation shutter parts are easy to clean and generally only need to be dusted and wiped down to keep their original shimmer. As a result, they are a perfect option if you don’t want to spend more time enjoying, rather than cleaning, your living room.


In addition to being able to be cut to fit just about any window, plantation shutters can also be tweaked and changed. They can always be painted a new color, and after a good sanding, you might even be able to stain them for a new shine. This means they can be customized to keep up with any design changes you might want to make.

Homeowners have many different options when it comes to upgrading rooms by adding new window treatments. But with so many different advantages, plantation shutters are almost always a good fit. Read more about this topic at this link: