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Installing a new garage door by yourself takes eight to 12 hours. While it saves on the cost of hiring a professional, professional help is highly recommended. When you want new garage doors, professional help is required for both installation and maintenance.

A garage door opener can be installed by a handyman or a professional company. Look for the best deals on garage door openers, but know the average cost of installing a garage opener is around $300. The price varies depending on whether you want a half or three-quarter horsepower.

When looking for the best garage door motor, Lift Master and Chamberlain are among the best. Lift Masters are expensive as they have more horsepower and highly advanced features. The cost of a new motor is $300 and it should be inspected regularly. Depending on the style of your door, you’ll also need to find the best garage door openers for heavy doors and the best garage door remote.

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