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Upgrade Heating and Cooling Systems to Improve Efficiency


Residential heating and cooling

This past summer, according to estimates from the Energy Information Administration, the average American homeowner was expected to pay nearly $400 in electric bills from June through August. Though that number represents a decrease of nearly 2.5% from the year before, and is the lowest in the last four years, electric bills are still costly all year, not just in the summer. In order to lower them, you might want to hire a heating and air company to upgrade systems and improve efficiency. Talented and experienced heating and air conditioning service professionals will be able to identify and fix problems that cause systems to run inefficiently and lower their operating costs.

In order to avoid serious issues, you should hire a heating and air company twice a year to make sure that systems are running properly. In the spring, AC units should be inspected before the hot summer months arise, and heating systems should be inspected in the fall before the coldest winter temperatures arrive for good. When HVAC systems are not running properly, they will have to work harder to keep a home at a comfortable temperature. So though there might be some minor costs associated with regular inspections, they can help homeowners save money in the long run.

During the summer, a high efficiency AC unit has the ability to reduce energy usage by anywhere from 20 to 50%, so having commercial HVAC contractors install a new one can prove to be a highly worthwhile investment. Estimates say that roughly two thirds of all homes in the United States have central air, which means the need for local HVAC contractors who can make repairs is quite high. However, homeowners might be able to not only lower utility bills, but avoid the need for as much regular maintenance by investing in a new system.

Unfortunately, a reliable heating and air company is probably not the only service that homeowners will have to work with. There are all types of problems that could develop in a home over the years, particularly with plumbing. In fact, the average American household wastes some 9,000 gallons of water while waiting for it to get warm enough. So when it comes to efficiency and saving money on utility bills, HVAC systems are not the only thing that homeowners have to worry about. Find out more about this topic here.

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