Upgrade to More Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems to Lower Energy Usage


Ac heating repair

In 1993, heating and cooling accounted for 58% of energy consumption in American homes. By 2009, according to statistics gathered in the Residential Energy Consumption survey conducted by the Energy Information Administration, that number decreased all the way down to 48%. Several factors contribute to this trend, including more efficient heating and AC systems, better insulation, and windows that help temperature control. However, that trend also depends on heat and cooling service experts who are able to make sure that systems run efficiently on a consistent basis. Without the right maintenance and upkeep, heating and air conditioning units could encounter a number of problems that cause them to burn more energy than they need.

Though every system is different, there are a number of problems that plague many homes. According to Energy.gov, some common issues include refrigerant leaks, electric control or thermostat failure, sensor issues, and drainage problems that prevent AC systems from draining properly. On top of that, leaky, clogged, or dirty ducts could also prevent the proper air flow and temperature control. The best way to avoid those problems is to regularly have a heat and cooling service perform maintenance and make sure that each part of an HVAC system is working smoothly.

Another main problem that Energy.gov suggests causes problems with heating and cooling systems is that, quite simply, they are not used correctly. Many people make the mistake of doing things like running their system with the window open or not making sure that vents are completely clear. When those mistakes are made, they could cause heat and AC systems to run all day because they are unable to maintain the proper temperature in a room. Those issues are easily correctable, and every homeowner should try to make sure to avoid them if they don’t want to waste energy.

Unfortunately, even the strongest and most well-built heaters and AC units can wear down and break over time. When that happens, hiring heating and air conditioning contractors is usually the best way for homeowners to get the repairs they need to stay comfortable. They have the skills and experience to diagnose problems and make quick fixes so that families can stay cool during the summer and toasty during freezing winter months. Plus, the professionals who provide comprehensive heat and cooling services are a great resource for homeowners because they help lower energy usage and cut utility bills every month, which is vital for families on a budget. Find more.