Safer and More Efficient Bathroom Fixtures


Bathroom sink cabinets

Did you know that the first flushable toilet was designed for the palace of Queen Elizabeth the I around the year 1600? Well, as rumor has it, after the toilet was installed in Richmond Palace the Queen refused to use it because she thought it was too loud! It’s difficult to believe that royalty would prefer to stick with a bed pan over a real toilet, but the Queen was, apparently, either hyper-sensitive to noises, or simply resistant to change.

While old habits are indeed hard to break, you would be hard-pressed to find a single person today who would not prefer modern toilets over the old-fashioned kind. This is especially true if you are talking about water efficient toilets, such as the cutting-edge pressure assisted toilets. In addition to saving water, today’s high-efficiency toilets also feature faster and less noisy flushes.

Even contemporary toilets and bathroom fixtures are more efficient than ever, high-efficiency bathroom fixtures are nothing new. This is because most toilets built after 1982 have used less than two gallons per flush. One way that bathroom fixtures have improved significantly, however, involves safety.

Higher toilet seats and walk in bathtubs are two of the most visible innovations when it comes to bathroom safety for seniors. Walk in tubs eliminate the need for seniors, or individuals with disabilities, to step over the side of a tub to bathe. Higher toilet fixtures makes it safer and easier for folks with less mobility to sit and stand.

Today’s bathroom fixtures are not only designed for efficiency, but also maximum bathroom safety for seniors. In fact, contemporary bathroom fixtures have improved so much, that Queen Elizabeth I might even approve.

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