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How Safe Is the Water Your Family Drinks and Uses?


Everpure water filter

This could be an Earth Day like no other.
As science supporters from around the country prepare to March this Saturday, there seems to be a new urgency that has not been present in previous Earth Days. In a time when it is difficult to predict the Presidential administration’s next move, more and more people are deciding to get involved in making sure that everyone is concerned and involved in the advancement of sound environmental decisions based on scientific research.
Whenever anyone visits an Earth Day event, one of the most common topics covered is clean water. With people from all around the country making plans to travel to Washington, D.C. for a March for Science scheduled to coincide with this year’s Earth Day celebration, many hope that the new administration will shift away from what has initially seemed like decisions based on profits, not scientific proofs.
When individuals find themselves concerned, and even alarmed, about the future of the power of groups like the Environmental Protection Agency, many individuals turn to what they can do themselves. For many this means a renewed focus on the safety of the water that their family drinks and uses for daily cooking and washing tasks. From the installation of Everpure water filter systems to purchasing whole home water treatment plans, home owners are making the decision to take control of one of their most immediate concerns.
Do You Use Home Water Purification Systems and Other Protections?
Few things are more important than the safety of the water that your family drinks. With the continuing news about the lingering Flint, Michigan, water crisis, it should come as no surprise that the installation of Everpure water filter systems and other kinds of whole home water purification systems are increasingly common. Consider some of these rather dire statistics about the state of the the nation’s and the world’s water supply:

  • 350 gallons is the average daily household water use.
  • 100 gallons is the average daily individual water use.
  • 900,000 people are afflicted with water contaminated illnesses and other problems every year.
  • 40% of Americans use a home water treatment unit, according to the Water Quality Association.
  • 2100 known drinking water contaminants, and several known poisons, can may be present in typical tap water.
  • 72% of rivers and 56% of lakes in America contaminated by agricultural practices.

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