Why Your House Should Have A New Pool This Summer


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Not enjoying the hot weather? Maybe it’s time to spruce up your home a little. Renovating the home is an everyday task for many homeowners, manifesting as a new sink in the kitchen or a tile replacement in the bathroom. When you want something with serious staying power that will provide you refreshment, fun and even an ideal way of getting fit, pools truly are the way to go. Getting one installed is as simple as calling your local pool installation professional and asking them about how they can go about making your home the best possible relaxation spot for when the weather gets brutal. Let’s take a look.

Entertaining Guests Will Be A Breeze

Warmer weather often invites a lot of outdoor parties, celebrations and ceremonies. Why not make your home the toast of the town? A Houzz study revealed over half of all its respondents updating their yards to make them more inviting to guests and family members, with pools being one of the most popular additions to a home that could use a touch-up. Nearly 15% of consumers recently are adding outdoor kitchen to their backyard and the top three items chosen as additions are barbecues, grills and benches.

Give Yourself A New Exercise Regimen

Want to shave off a few pounds? Pools can help with that. While visiting the public gym can be a good way of using the resources around you to lose weight, having a pool available at your home can eliminate the middleman on top of providing you a flexible schedule and plenty of privacy. Swimming is easily the most popular recreational activity for both children and teenagers in the United States, with the average person swimming in a pool six times per year. Unlike jogging or biking, swimming is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise because of how your body moves against the water’s resistance. You not just build muscle, but you encourage healthy lungs and a healthy heart. All while cooling off!

Boost Your Home’s Return On Investment

Thinking of selling your home in a few years? Want to give it the best possible chance of being picked up by a buyer just in case? Pools are one of the best ways of boosting your home’s ROI…and when you think about it, it makes plenty of sense. Pools are attractive, make entertaining guests incredibly easy and add a lot of style to nearly any set-up. Even pool additions can give your home a spot of shine. Adding an outdoor kitchen sees an average ROI of 200% and a diving board can top off any pool quite easily.

Remember Your Basic Safety Tips

You don’t want to forgo basic safety when looking into swimming pool builders or outdoor kitchens. The outdoor kitchen food prep zone should have at least four feet of clear space for food preparation, as fires can be started with a mere spark and cause a major problem. Likewise, add a foot and a half on each side of any additional accessory just to be careful. This can include the grill or a side-burner, among other things. For those worried about the lifespan of their pool, fear not! Most inground pool liners last for five years at the least, while above ground pool liners can nearly reach 10 if properly maintained.

Installing Your Pools

Summer waits for nobody. Pools can offer you reprieve from the blistering weather, help you get fit and provide your guests with a bevy of ways to enjoy themselves. Landscape architects specializing in residential design were recently asked to rate the expected popularity of various outdoor elements. Unsurprisingly, outdoor living spaces such as outdoor kitchens were the second most popular choices on the list. A 2014 Houzz Spring Landscaping Trends Study saw the overwhelming majority of respondents at 83% saying their backyard is an ideal entertaining space. Are you ready to be your neighborhood’s next big thing?