How Updating an Old A/C Systems Can Save Tons Of Money


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Your home cooling system is an important part of comfort in the summer. This is basically a requirement to have if you live in a hot climate. As these temperatures rise, you will be reaching for the thermostat more and more. However, one day that thermostat might not give you the salvation you need in 100 degree temperatures. This could be due to a faulty or aging HVAC system in your home. This can be a nightmarish scenario to many people across the United States. AC repair is not something you can just do all by yourself. Thankfully, this is not something you have to endure for long if you get in touch with a trane comfort specialist.

Air conditioners only last about 10-15 years, and staying on top of maintenance and replacement is completely necessary. For many people, the span of time they may use their A/C systems is over half of the year, and in some severe climates that time frame can grow towards the entire year. Taking the time to consult a trane comfort specialist about replacement options can save you from much discomfort.

Trane HVAC systems are among the most comprehensive in installation and service. You can trust that a trane comfort specialist will work with you on finding the system you need for summer comfort. They will be able to date how old your current HVAC system is if replacement is needed, and they can identify any problems or repairs needed.

Air conditioning can take up a large percentage of your electricity bill in the summer, and perhaps all year. In fact 5% of all the electricity made in the United States is consumed by air conditioning, which results in an annual accumulative cost of $11 billion. This cost can be even larger if you keep using an A/C system that is over a decade old. Compared to A/C systems produced in the 1990’s, the air conditioners of today use 50% less energy. This results in significantly less cost on your bill. By speaking to a trane comfort specialist, you can get yourself set up with an all new HVAC system that will not only work better, but put an ease on your electricity bill.