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Dos And Don’ts: Bedroom Organization In Your New Apartment


movingMoving into new apartments for rent gives you a blank slate to be your best organized self. You can picture every shirt folded, your pillows perfectly placed, and all of your books in a row. Unfortunately, this level of organization is easier said than done. The key to an organized apartment or townhome is starting with the bedroom. If you can stay organized in your most relaxed space, the rest will fall into place. To get you started, here are some basic rules to guide your organizational bliss.

DO optimize open shelving.
Small apartments in particular tend to be lacking in closet space and cupboards. And that’s okay. You can make open shelving look stylish while keeping it functional. Hang some shelves on the wall and get creative with objects and spacing.

DON’T clutter surfaces.
With that said, avoiding sprawling all of your belongings over your dresser and nightstand. Doing so can make an otherwise tidy room look cluttered. Use baskets and bins to contain these items.

DO minimize your closet.
How many items in your closet do you actually wear? When unpacking your clothing, shoes, and accessories in your new apartment, do a wardrobe clean out as well. Keep what you love and donate the rest.

DO make your bed every day.
You’ll be amazed at what a difference a made bed makes. Your entire room will look more together when your bed leads the way.

DON’T pack everything under the bed.
It’s tempting, but do your best to resist hiding anything under your bed. To use this space effectively, buy some storage bins to slide off-season clothes out of sight. This uses the space in a purposeful way.

DO use the rest of your apartment.
Remember that you have your entire apartment to keep your items. Use shelves in the living room and baskets around the house to keep items off the floor and surfaces.

One in four Americans move every five years, and this involves moving a lot of items. While moving into a new place might feel overwhelming, you will find ways to organize your items in time. Eventually, the space will feel like yours and everything will be accessible. You’re sure to feel right at home when your bedroom is an organized haven.

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