Keep Yourself Safer with Non Sparking Tools


For those who work in hazardous environments (for example, welders, cutters, pipe fitters, solderers, and brazers), safety is of the essence. Non sparking tools, like a non sparking wrench or clamp can be extremely useful here, as can the right pipe alignment tools and purging equipment. Furthermore, using the right kind of equipment can be more efficient and save companies money. Indeed, companies who use old-fashioned practices for pipe alignment and pipe fittings lose thousands of dollars in labor every year. For the over 500,000 welders employed in the United States (according to the American Welding Society), having the right tools to get the job done is crucial. We’ll discuss the benefits of non sparking tools and where you can find a non sparking tool kit as well.

What are Non Sparking Tools?

Non-sparking tools, like a non sparking wrench, are also often referred to as “spark-resistant” or “spark proof” and are usually made of brass, bronze, or alloys like copper-nickel or copper-aluminum.

They’re commonly used to prevent fire and explosions in hazardous environments, due to the presence of flammable material. A non sparking wrench is a common type of non sparking tool, along with hammers, screwdrivers, chisels, pry bars, and utility knives, among others.

It’s worth keeping in mind that though these tools present less of a hazard in the workplace, they also wear down faster than regular steel tools, so you may find yourself needing to replace them or dress them more often than you would steel tools. They also don’t completely eliminate the possibility of sparks — they have the ability to produce what are known as “cold sparks.” These have a low heat level and won’t ignite carbon disulfide, which is one of the easiest things to ignite, so while they’re a considerably lower risk, they’re not totally risk-free.

What Importance Do Welders Have?

For welders, non sparking tools are especially useful. They work in an environment that emits a significant amount of sparks and work with flammable materials. It’s an extremely physical job and poses more risk than other industries. Yet, it’s an incredibly important industry and one that is growing. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that by 2024, there will be over 400,000 jobs for welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers.

Consider, for example, that over half of products in the United States need welding. Unsurprisingly, manufacturing is responsible for about two-thirds of welding jobs.

However, we benefit from this welding industry in ways we might not have even considered. Welders help join pipelines together, ensuring we can get running water into our office buildings, homes, and schools. High-rise buildings, the highways we drive on, and the airplanes we take off in are all products of welding too.

Giving them the equipment that keeps them safe on the job and lets them do their job with more efficiency ultimately benefits society as a whole.

Where Can I Find a Non Sparking Tool Kit?

If tools like a non sparking wrench aren’t provided by your employer — or you simply want your own kit — there are a few places you can find them. Perhaps one of the easiest places to find them is online. There’s a number of retailers who may offer non sparking tool kits at reasonable price points, or bundle the tools you want together.

There are also stores where welders can find supplies and safety equipment (both online and physical stores), and they will also likely carry non sparking tool kits.

Keep yourself safer when you use non sparking tools for your welding or soldering jobs!