Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels Make Drawers and Cabinets the Most Common Upgrades


It’s a good idea to choose right when looking for kitchen designs to make use of, because the kitchen typically sees a lot of traffic throughout the day. You therefore need the kitchen to be attractive and clean throughout, for which you can find some creative kitchen ideas. If you have an old home kitchen, you can upgrade it to modernize it and give it a fresh, new look. Doing this will also give the overall value of your home a boost, making sure that you reap the benefits of the project.

If you either don’t want or can’t afford a full kitchen renovation, you can always do a partial kitchen renovation. This will be more affordable, and depending on the details that you work on, may make a big difference to the kitchen after all. You will notice that kitchen & home improvements are some of the most sought-after projects, so there’s bound to be a lot of information and ideas about them online. Choose upgrades that will suit your kitchen well, noting details such as the layout and overall theme. If you can make the right call in this case, you’ll be able to get an outcome that you’re happy with.

With well over 24 million bathrooms and kitchens remodeled each year in the United States, there is much to see in need of drawers and cabinets. Everyone uses cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and bathroom, and the update of those are needed in many ways for every remodel.

In Millions of Kitchen and Bath Remodels Cabinets and Drawers are Up to 50% of Costs

When updating the kitchen or the bathroom, there is the addition of new cabinets, drawers, knobs, handles, undermount drawer slides, cabinet doors, cabinet runners, drawer locks, and cabinet door hinges. Given the great amount of cabinet door hardware and accessories that can be purchased on your own for the remodel, there is also the cost of the contractor or installer that needs hiring. You have the decision on your own to purchase standard to heavy duty equipment. If you feel the need for the long term quality of your drawers and cabinets there are options including the following:

  • heavy duty drawer slides
  • heavy duty drawer slides
  • heavy duty hidden hinges
  • heavy-duty drawer runners
  • heavy duty adjustable wood shelf brackets

Any of these may be valuable if these upgrades are being made for the long term use of your home if you have children who tend to wear on the furniture very easily, or even if you have one bathroom instead of multiple.

Millions of Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels Require New Drawers

While updating the kitchen or bathroom, it is easy to see at some point that drawers need updated, replaced, or installed. You may also find value in the use of undermount drawer slides. Since they are under the drawer as it is being opened, the undermount drawer slides can be considered safer because they are less likely to be caught on the skin of a child opening the drawer. If the undermount drawer slide becomes dislodged, it can be dangerous to the one opening it, or to another if the drawer is left open. The metal of the drawer runner has much potential to aid in the security of the drawer as well as the potential risk that comes with it breaking.

With drawer mounts available for any number of decorative drawers and functional drawers, there are several options to update the kitchen or the bathroom or any room with the drawers that are installed. The new drawer mounts can help update safety, and they can increase efficiency and functionality with the new draws that are installed. So, while drawer and cabinet demand in the model industry is already billions annually, there is much to see in what can be added for the drawer mounts that are used for the installations and updates made for those remodeling projects.