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The New Wave Of Home Technology Is Motorized Blinds


What Are Motorized Window Treatments?

Motorized window treatments are essentially another term for automated window blinds that are increasingly becoming a leading product in the industry because of its convenience. Motorized blinds allow for the window to automatically cover themselves with little human assistance necessary—motorized window blinds allow for window coverings to raise and lower through a motorized system that requires the push of a button to raise or lower an entire row of shades. The technological advancements that are supported through our televisions and other portable devices are available to us as the tap or push of a button, so why shouldn’t our blinds be? The invention of smart homes was the first major market for a product with this amount of innovation—previously this elite type of technology was strictly available to those who were extremely wealthy, but now more than ever technology is presenting itself to working-class individuals never imagined. If you are asking yourself—why choose motorized blinds, the answer is within the advancements around you. Do you want to be left in the past?

The Benefits of Motorized Window Blinds

The age-old blinds for windows are long gone. Today’s world requires us to also be on the go, from the way we conduct business to how we leave, everything is within our reach for our convenience. Don’t you believe its time our home started prioritizing our time, too? Many people are beginning to switch their homes to motorized window shades for both their comfort and time, during the winter time, draperies can reduce heat loss by 10%—adding a motorized attachment for your windows can increase its R-value for a standard 3.5 to a 7. Are you still question yourself, “Why choose motorized blinds?” The Attachments and Energy Rating Council (AERC) determined window attachments can significantly improve the performance of a window and save an upwards of 13% of a household’s annual energy consumption, typically $280-470%, annually. The benefits of automated windows even extend over to both pets and children, the motorized window shades red bank allows the window to remain locked for as long as needed—safety is an essential factor of a home, and this window treatment knows what’s best.

Why Choose Motorized Blinds

Security: These shades can be programmed to lower and raise during specific times in the day. There’s no need to worry as much about something as menial as shades when your children are at home; motorized shades give you a piece of mind to know what goes on in your home while you’re away.

Unique: Known as one of the greatest inventions in home technology, you definitely won’t see these in every home. There are multiple designs as well, made with high-quality materials to be built to last. Motorized shades come with Phifer Sheerweave 5000, 2390, or 4000 fabric, cellular blackout shades, and 41 styles and colors offered in Premium Motorized Light Filtering Double Cellular Shades.
Convenience: Motorized shades provide you with the extra comfort needed to control several rooms with windows throughout your home. With just the push of the button, your home is at your command.

Practical: Motorized shades are also fantastic for business owners—particularly those with ample office space or warehouses. The shades come with remotes that allow for total control over one or multiple shades, allowing you to open up faster.

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