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Any modern home today will be made of a number of construction materials and interior utilities that keep it running smoothly, from the plumbing to the flooring to the shades and blinds on the windows. Meanwhile, the roof and wooden deck (if there is one) should not be neglected, either. If a roof is working well, nothing will ever leak through it, and the attic may also be an excellent source of insulation for the home, which helps regulate the costs of the heating and cooling system. But if commercial waterproofing is not done, or if commercial roof coatings are neglected, the roof may soon start to develop cracks and holes that leak rainwater and melting snow, and without commercial roof sealer products use, a lot of damage can add up fast. What’s more, squirrels may chew their way into the attic and create holes that leak water, not to mention chew on electric cables. What’s worse, without floor coatings or deck protective coating, other surfaces of the home may suffer from water damage, rot, and warping, or at least discoloration. Deck protective coating can help any wooden deck stand up to the elements, and a person can either apply deck protective coating themselves, or hire a professional crew to take care of it.

Deck Care

A wooden deck is a form of landscaping, and can increase the value and appeal of a property when it is put on the real estate market, which in turn makes it a great investment. So, this investment should be protected whenever possible, and this includes putting down deck protective coating so that rain, hail, strong sunlight, and more cannot easily damage or discolor the wood. Deck protective coating will be applied to all wooden surfaces with commercial products, and this keeps a deck in good shape longer and also helps maintain its attractive color and smoothness, something that no homeowner would want to lose to a heavy rain storm or the elements in general. Deck repair can also be done if warped, cracked, or rotted wood is found on the deck.

The Roof and Floor

Meanwhile, all homes have roofs, and any sensible homeowner will keep their roof taken care of. This can start with having the roof inspected once or twice per year to keep track of any developing problems, and a homeowner can call a roof contractor crew to fix any damage and put down materials such as rubber roof coating. If a roof is damaged and starts leaking water, this wreaks havoc on the home because leaking water may damage drywall, short out electrical components, and even rot and warp the wood in the attic, and all of this leads to more expensive repairs and a huge hassle on the homeowner’s part. Such damage may occur due to heavy hail, debris being blown around in a storm, or even when squirrels chew their way into the attic to build nests. And over time, a roof may lose structural integrity anyway, and cracks and holes will appear and tiles will fall off.

This is where roof contractor crews come in. They can fix damage such as replace the tiles and seal up holes that squirrels chewed into the wood, and they can also put down rubber glue that will seal up small holes or cracks and prevent more from forming, making a roof nearly impervious to leaks in the future. One such product is EPDM, a highly durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane that is especially useful in low-slope buildings. This particular product has been in use for around 30 years with minimal change to its formulation, and products such as that may be used when a homeowner asks a crew to make their roof water-proof.

The floors in a home can also have protective coating put on them to resist rain water, just in case the roof gets leaks, and this can prevent expensive damage. The gutters can also be repaired or replaced, since clogged gutters will build up far too much water at once location on the roof. All this heavy water is likely to get into the home through small cracks and holes, so gutter maintenance and inspection is also a must.

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