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A Renewable Source That Pays For Itself The Steady Increase Of Residential Solar Panel Installations


Solar energy is one of the greatest scientific, environmental, and financial achievements.

This is not mere hyperbole. Commercial solar energy is, slowly but surely, transforming the way we look at energy consumption and the world at large. It provides several industries the means of achieving their goals without environmental strain…right alongside keeping residential locations powered. It’s an affordable alternative to many of today’s energy models…and is flexible enough to be used by just about anyone. Renewable energy isn’t even finished improving.

Should you be considering installing solar energy systems in your home, the list below will detail just how this fantastic energy source works.

There’s a lot of talk going around about the benefits of renewable energy resources. Many Americans are spending far too much on heating and cooling — as much as 50% of their monthly income — and are navigating this alongside gas and electricity. Gas is a rapidly dwindling resource that only gets more expensive by the day. Commercial solar energy is a response to all of these concerns and then some. According to recent studies solar energy use has surged at 20% per year these past two decades.

We don’t just need cheaper energy. We need to reduce strain on the environment to combat global warming concerns. Scientists have estimated that in just a few decades there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean, which doesn’t even scratch the surface of deforestation and carbon emissions. Solar energy is not just incredibly easy to use, it’s clean and leaves virtually no impact on the environment. Solar and wind power systems both have 100 times better lifetime energy yield than either nuclear or fossil energy.

Your home is likely in need of an energy conservation boost. As touched on above, Americans are spending too much on energy bills and negatively impacting the environment as a result. An outdated HVAC system that constantly needs to be turned on, for example, causes a domino effect of wasted energy and little result. Fortunately, many are catching on to the benefits of commercial solar energy. There are nearly one and a half million solar installations across the United States, with a cumulative capacity of 40 gigawatts.

Before you look into a solar energy system installation, also consider the benefits of insulating your home better. You might be surprised by the results. Proper insulation has been found to reduce the costs of heating and cooling by more than 40% — this includes patching up cracks in the floorboards, gaps in your window, and poorly installed doors. Heat gain and heat loss through windows is responsible for up to 30% of residential heating and cooling energy usage. Pair this alongside commercial solar energy and you’ll be set for a long time.

Commercial solar companies offer a wide variety of solar resources to get more people thinking critically about energy consumption. Tampa alone gets nearly 250 days of full sun every year, more than enough to keep everyone happy. The environment is cleaned up, residents are living more affordable lifestyles…it’s a good time to make the switch! The amount of energy that goes into crafting solar panels is paid back through a mixture of clean electricity production within one to two years. Clean energy is smart energy…and it can be yours with just a call.

Ready to save money and do your part to live green? Talk to your local solar company and ask about residential solar panel installations.

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