When and Why to Get Some Gravel Delivered


Landscaping is the act of modifying terrain to make it more useful and/or more attractive, and a landscaped piece of property may have natural and/or man-made features added to complete this work. Parks, office lawns, and of course residential lawns may have landscaping done, and for good reason. No one likes a patch of bare, ugly dirt or weeds, so landscaping may be done both for the owner’s benefit and to impress guests and future buyers alike. Landscaping varies widely, but some of the easiest materials to install may be natural features ranging from landscaping rocks and crushed gravel to commercial sand, trees, bushes, flowers, and more. Gravel delivery may be requested, and a company that does gravel delivery may bring the supplies that a landscaper needs to get started. The suppliers of landscaping goods and the workers who use them may be different, but the end result will be the same. Topsoil delivery may also be popular.

On Gravel

One may first consider the use of gravel in landscaping, and why someone might want gravel delivery done. Gravel is a natural product and these rocks won’t rot or melt away, making them a durable and long-term investment. They may be used both for aesthetics and for function, and gravel may do more work than some people realize, even on residential properties. For example, the top layer of soil on a property may be removed and then replaced with gravel, and this may be known as drainage gravel. The idea is that such gravel looks good and is easy to walk on, but unlike a top layer of soil, rain water and melting snow can easily flow through the gravel and sink deeper into the ground. This may be done so that a property does not have a lot of standing water and sodden ground on it. Therefore, drainage gravel may be an attractive option for a property that sees a lot of rain, and the homeowner may dispense with water-logged properties by swapping out the soil’s top layer for gravel. A gravel delivery company may provide the materials needed to get this work done.

Gravel is also useful because, like bark dust and wood chips, it protects the soil underneath from erosion and drying out. This may keep a patch of ground in better shape, and like bark dust and wood chips, such gravel will also prevent weeds from easily growing. That, and gravel is simply attractive to look at when used correctly. This ranges from a gravel parking lot to gravel walkways to gravel surrounding a tree in a neat circle. Such gravel may even be seen in gardens and arboretums, both for aesthetics and for protecting the soil and blocking weed growth.

Other Landscaping

A reputable gravel delivery company may be contacted to deliver loads of gravel in a dump truck or in tough plastic bags, but that’s not all. Landscape supply companies (not to be confused with companies that offer landscaping services) may be found online. A homeowner may find a company’s website and order whatever they need, and this may include gravel delivery, bark dust blowing services, bags of cedar wood chips, bricks for arranging a home garden, and much more. A supplier website will have photos and videos showing what sort of work is possible with their products, and this may help a customer decide from which company they should to make a purchase.

A homeowner may also turn to local nurseries to find plants they want installed in their front or back yards, including sapling trees that can be taken home and then planted directly into the soil to grow. Plants such as trees and shrubs are not only attractive, but they are natural air filters that can clean out dust, pollution, and more from the air and produce oxygen all the while. Trees also act as wind breaks and may shade the house during summer, easing some strain on the air conditioner. It may also be noted that an attractive, landscaped lawn may make a property more noticeable on the real estate market, and the homeowner may sell their property faster and for a better price than if no landscaping had been done. The return on investment may be high.