Excellent Home Improvement Projects


A homeowner certainly has a lot of repair and maintenance work to keep track of, since a house is a large and complex piece of hardware with many moving parts. New homeowners might find themselves a bit overwhelmed with all this, but fortunately, all sorts of professionals can be hired to fix anyone’s real estate, such as roofing contractors or remodeling crews and plumbers, among others. Modern home improvement projects will require some investments of time and money, but these projects, such as bathroom remodeling, can yield an impressive ROI, or return on investment. This is especially important for homeowners who are looking to sell their property in the near future, and they will need to complete some home improvement projects to make their property more appealing on the market. Not only will this draw in buyers, but the owner can set the price higher, too. That’s where the ROI comes from. So, what are some common home improvement projects for a responsible homeowner to try out? Some are based on mundane repair, while others aim to boost a house’s aesthetics or even improve its energy efficiency.

Repair Your Foundation

Why not start with the foundation, which supports the entire house? Concrete foundation repair may be quite important if the home is a rather old one, and/or if the house is suffering some flooding issues from the outside. No one wants a house that gets flooded every time it rains heavily, so a homeowner can look up local foundation repair crews and hire them to touch up the house’s foundation and make it leak-proof. If the house’s basement floor has suffered cracks or other issues, the workers can fix that too, and very old houses have limestone brick basements that will need particular care. These old walls tend to bulge inwards as the water-heavy ground expands and pushes on them, and the strained walls may leak water. To block the leaks and prevent further bulging, foundation experts can install a concrete wall to act as a sort of dam, and make the basement secure. Finally, take note that the basement can have a sump pump installed, along with a channel that can direct the water toward that pump. This system can draw up any intruding water and deposit it elsewhere.

Prioritize Your Water Utility

Gas, water, and electricity are among the most important utilities in a house, and a house cannot run comfortably without them. So, what might go wrong with the plumbing? A house might start leaking water over time as its pipes wear out or get damaged, or utilities such as showerheads, toilets, and sinks are old and not efficient. It is believed that the typical leaky American house is losing 90 gallons of water per day, and that can add up fast. All that wasted water will show up on the water bill, and leaking water can cause all sorts of damage in the house (and that calls for expensive repairs). Leaking water in the walls can damage the drywall, and leaking water may also spur mold growth and pool on the floor. No one wants that.

When it comes to water-based home improvement projects, a homeowner can perform simple DIY projects, such as fixing a leaking faucet, but more serious work is going to call for professional aid. Plumbers can reach, fix, and repair any faulty pipes in the house, and they can also install new hardware that is more water-efficient than the old models. An old toilet can be swapped out for a new, low-flow model, and the same is true of the bathtub, sinks, and the showerhead. New hardware like this is attractive, and it cuts down on the water bill while also helping to ease the strain on natural water sources. A tankless water heater can be installed to replace a worn-out water heater tank, and a tankless water heater will save the homeowner money over time since it only heats water when hot water is needed. This also ensures that hot water does not run out halfway through a shower in a large household, for example. These heaters also last a long time, but homeowners must be ready for their high installation costs and have enough room set aside for them. They certainly are not small.

Take Care of Your Roof

Another major component to consider is the very roof, which may be in bad shape indeed. No house is ever built without a roof since the roof keeps out rain and debris and sunlight while helping insulate the home for the sake of climate control. But even a large, tough roof can wear out or develop leaks, and major trauma such as a falling tree or a hurricane can ruin it beyond repair. In other cases, a home buyer purchases a very old house, a fixer-upper, and will address that leaky roof at once. For minor damage or leaks, roofing contractors can be hired for basic roof repairs, such as to replace the shingles and pour liquid rubber to prevent more leaks. But badly damaged or very old roofs need total replacement.

A homeowner can simply have the old shingle roof removed and swapped out for a new one, but metal roofing is a strong alternative. Metal roofs can last from 40 to 70 years, or even a full century if certain alloys are used in their construction. Not only that, but metal roofs come in a wide variety of colors for the sake of aesthetics, and they work well with the home’s insulation, too. Metal roofs are cost-effective to install, and thanks to their tough bodies, they will not so easily develop leaks or fall apart. As a bonus, these metal roofs are resource-efficient, since they are often made with reclaimed metals, and a retired metal roof is 100% recyclable. Many homeowners today are looking for ways to make their properties environmentally friendly and resource-efficient as part of the “go green” initiative, and even the roof can take part in this endeavor.

Check on Windows and Doors

That’s right, even the house’s very windows and doors might suffer in the long run, and new windows or a new front door may be necessary to install. This is far from a DIY project; professional contractors must be hired for the job, and a homeowner can look up local window and door replacement companies to get this done. What might go wrong with the house’s windows and doors, though? Very old doors and windows are shabby and fragile, and they may be warped and fit badly in their frames. This results in air leaks that will sabotage the climate control, forcing the HVAC system to work overtime and thus waste extra electricity. Not only that, but shoddy old windows and doors are easy for burglars to force their way into, making them a security hazard. On a final note, these old doors and windows are ugly to look at, such as from peeling paint, termite damage, stains, and scratches. These will make a poor impression on anyone who visits the home while it is on the real estate market.

Once window and door contractors are on the scene, they will remove the faulty old windows and doors and measure the holes in the walls, then consult the homeowner about the desired replacements. New windows and doors can be test-fitted first, then fixed properly into the house and sealed tight to prevent air leaks. New windows are not only tough and attractive, but they may be energy-efficient, such as double-paned windows that won’t easily leak warmth through their glass during winter. This can ease the strain on the HVAC system during winter, saving electricity all the while.

Keep Up With HVAC Maintenance

The heating and cooling system has been mentioned a few times already, and now, let us focus on it. Most homeowners will have to deal with this, seeing how 90% of all American homes are installed with HVAC utilities, and problems may take the form of mechanical failure and dirtiness. Sheer filth can hamper this system since grime and particles can coat the blower fans and thus weaken their air output. This makes the system less efficient, forcing the fans to work overtime to meet the house’s heating and cooling quotas (waste of electricity). Dirt in the air ducts can lower the home’s air quality, and intruding squirrels may build nests in there, blocking airflow. Also, very old hardware may break down, such as the blower fans or components in the furnace, and the air ducts might shear apart or develop cracks and holes that leak.

A homeowner can clean off the wall-mounted vents, but further work calls for professionals who can reach, repair, and clean up anything that needs their help. The blower fans can be cleaned to restore their output, or they will be replaced if they are burnt out or very old. Air ducts can also undergo repairs or replacement as needed, and don’t forget furnace repairs, either. HVAC contractors can overhaul a very old system, such as one that is 20 years old or more, for a new one. This will cost some money, for sure, but it pays off in the long run since a new HVAC system is clean, tough, and built with modern energy efficiency standards in mind.

Tackle Kitchen Remodeling

Home remodeling is a great idea for making a house look and feel fresh and appealing, and this is especially important if the homeowner is planning on putting their property on the real estate market soon. So, remodeling contractors can be hired to fix up any desired room, and some homeowners ask these contractors to remodel the entire house at once. Take note that the kitchen and bathroom are the most popular rooms for remodeling, but ultimately, any room can be remodeled.

What about kitchen remodeling? Many Americans get this work done so they can cook in a clean and appealing space, so contractors can fix or update any surface or fixture found there. Flooring experts can remove ugly old tiling and install new tiles or linoleum, and the walls can be repainted or have wallpaper put on them. Lighting fixtures can be swapped out, and even the counter can be removed and exchanged for a new model. For example, a tough but attractive granite countertop. Plumbers can remove an old sink and set up a new (probably water-efficient) one, and install a dishwasher is there isn’t already one. As for the cabinets, they can be removed and replaced, and cheaper projects call for the refinishing and repainting of the cabinet doors for a fresh new look. Even the stove or fridge can be replaced with new models.

Invest in Quality Art and Furniture

Now that all the major utilities are covered, let us consider the more fun part of owning a home. Whimsical art or highly cultured art can be added to the home to make it feel personal and sophisticated, anything from framed paintings and prints to a sculpture or musical instruments mounted on the wall. Personal taste in art varies, but a homeowner is encouraged to keep their art collection current and adjust it for their ever-changing tastes and lifestyle. This can make a home feel truly unique, and it can make a great impression on guests.

Finally, be sure to keep the furniture fresh and modern too, and furniture can not only act as art and decor but define a room’s entire purpose. Interior decor experts recommend that homeowners update their furniture every five to 10 years, and indeed, many homeowners do just that. Furniture can be bought, rearranged, removed, and replaced as the household itself changes, such as getting a crib for a new baby, or buying a kid-sized bed and desk when a child is adopted or grows older. When an adult child moves out, for example, their old room can become a home office or a hobby room, and that calls for new furniture such as work tables, cube unit organizers, desks, chairs, and bookshelves, among others. Or, it can be converted into a guest bedroom with aesthetically neutral bedding, dresses, and a desk and chair. A remodeled basement, for its part, can have a TV stand, couches, and a coffee table added to create a home entertainment system that isn’t interrupted by a lot of traffic.

Home improvement means ensuring that the house is secure, energy-efficient, attractive, modern, and well decorated for everyone living there, and doing all this can save a lot of money in the long run, too. This calls for regular inspections of the home from top to bottom, and keeping a house in good shape will benefit its future owners, too. Homebuyers put down good money for a house that is 100% ready to welcome them, so once the owner puts in the legwork, that deal can become a reality for both parties.