11 Ways to Use a Backyard Shed for More Than Storage


It’s sitting out there in the backyard, unpainted, unorganized, and haunting you with how useless it is. Backyard sheds can be incredibly useful features for storage. But they can also do a lot more than that. A backyard shed can be transformed into everything from a workshop to a spa to a playhouse. Here are just a few ways to use a backyard shed as a feature instead of a problem.

Before you start moving into your new space, thoroughly clean your shed. Make sure all windows, doors, walls, and corners are correctly sealed. Make sure the floor is stable and not misshapen or cracked and check the roof for leaks and damage. If you find anything wrong, call a professional to access whether you can use the space or should install a new shed.

Once you’re sure your shed is safe to use, make sure it’s sealed against the elements, bugs, and everything else. After that, you’ll probably want to add heat and electricity to the shed if you can. Especially if you think you’ll be spending time in it often and year-round. Give a it coat of paint to finish it off the you’re ready to make it your own.

A Workshop

One of the best uses for a shed is a workshop. Whether you like woodworking or DIY crafting, you can use a backyard shed to contain all your tools and supplies. In order to properly transform your shed into a lovely workshop, you’ll want to start by making sure it’s connected to the electricity.

Then you may want to install countertops, shelves, and other storage devices. You could even create shelving from pallets for sale. Keep everything organized by using clear containers, and labeling them with what’s inside. This way you’ll be able to keep everything in its place.

If you plan on using a wooden shed for metalworking and/or working with other heat-generating power tools, you may want to invest in a fire sprinkler system installation. Sprinklers will put out any potential fires, protecting you, your property, and your family. Not only will you have more privacy working the shed, but kids are less likely to find harmful tools and supplies and to ruin their Christmas presents.

Man Cave/She Shed

Many adults dream of a little hideaway where they can be free of their children and responsibilities. Well, one way to use a backyard shed is to make that dream a reality. With a little electricity, some comfy furniture and all your favorite books, movies, and tv shows. You even decorate the space with your favorite helicopter parts or pieces of art.

Not only can you decorate the shed in whatever way suits you best, you even declutter your house a bit by bringing some stuff out to live in the shed. Just make sure you have heating inside the shed or at least a space heater to keep you toasty. Add a mini-fridge, and a microwave and you’ll never have to leave your man cave or she-shed again.

Mini Apartment

If your in-laws came to stay awhile, or you’ve got an angsty teen or young adult on your hands, the shed can be transformed into a lovely apartment space for them. Make sure your shed can be heated and cooled adequately and has electricity. Then furnish with a murphy bed, fold-out table, a couple of chairs, a mini-fridge, (or a full-size one if there is room)a microwave, and a hotplate or stove. You could even install some wooden cupboards for storage and a shower if you have space.

Not only will this get you in-laws out, but it can also be a great way o give a teen, college student, or graduate their own space. With more and more young people living at home, this might be the perfect compromise of freedom without being on their own. It can also be a great way to house guests without having to worry.


If you have a green thumb or just like growing your own food, you use a backyard shed as a greenhouse. Just replace some paneling or roofing with glass or plastic and you should be good to go. You can find clear plastic windows easily if you look into plastic distribution. With a greenhouse, you can grow all kinds of plants year-round without much of a hassle.

It can also help you preserve plants through the winter and give you a space to keep everything tidy and organized. It will also help keep bugs and animals away from your greenery. Even if you don’t convert into a greenhouse, a shed can still be a great place to keep your gardening supplies and do your potting where messes don’t matter.

Art Studio

Another use for a backyard shed is an art studio. If you work with oil or acrylic paints, you probably don’t want you’re house smelling like them all the time, especially if you have kids or animals. But you’re backyard shed is the perfect place to set up a small studio.

No only will you be able to air out a small space easier, but you won’t have to worry about your cat or dog stepping your paint. Your pieces will safe from the elements and you won’t have to repaint the shed if you want to move. The fine arts can be an amazing past time, and having your own private space to create it is sure to inspire you.

Home Gym

Working out is hard enough without having to wake up at 5 am to get to the gym every day. If you transform your shed into a home gym, you’re sure to workout more. It’s a great way to get all that bulky exercise equipment out of the house and into one place. Plus it gives you plenty of privacy you just won’t get at the gym.

If the gym isn’t your jam, your shed could also become your own private yoga studio. You can put foam floor tiles and create a meditation space. If it’s large enough you could even teach yoga classes in your own private studio if you’re qualified.

Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you’re a grilling god or a canning queen, having a second outdoor kitchen can be super helpful in warmer climates or during hot summers to keep everything contained and outside your house.

To create this space add kitchen counters, a stove, a refrigerator, and freezer. You can even install a larger door that opens onto an open patio where you can have a bbq or family canning session.

Game Room

A great use for your backyard shed is as a game room. An outdoor space can be great for keeping computers and equipment at cooler temperatures. Add desk space, chairs, a TV, and gaming consoles you have gamers paradise. You may need cyber security consulting to make sure your internet stays protected if you move it outside where others may be able to connect in an easier way.

You store your board games and playing cards around as well. If you’re into tabletop gameplay, add a large table for poker nights, Dungeons and Dragons, and board games. Keep a mini-fridge and microwave stashed in the corner with snacks and you’ll never want to leave.

Home Office

A great option to use a backyard shed for a home office space. Not only will you be able to work from home in a comfortable space, but you’ll also be distraction-free. It’s a great way to keep business private, especially when it really needs to be. This is a great solution if you’re a commodities attorney, therapist, or have another career where you have to handle sensitive information.

This can a real game-changer for small business owners who can use a spruced up shed as their business location. You can avoid paying for retail space while keeping your work and home separated. You can look into services that will help redesign your old shed or create a whole new shed where you can have a dedicated office space all to yourself.


If you have children, a shed can become the perfect playhouse. Let them help you decorate it and it can become their own little project. You may want to make sure the little playhouse has electricity and heat if you want them to able to play all year-round.

A playhouse can also be a great space for your kids to have privacy and alone time. Sheds can also make great clubhouses for your kids and their friends and can grow up with them giving them a space to be themselves.

Pool House

If you own a swimming pool, great use for a shed is a pool house. It can be a nice place to rest where it’s cool on hot days, change clothes, and rinse off before going inside.

If you want to do more you can install a hot tub or sauna. Both options are used in sports medicine for muscle injuries and exhaustion. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. If you want to install plumbing in a shed, it’s not a good idea to DIY it, You could end ruining your foundation and yard.

Stop staring at an old run-down building in your back yard. Use a backyard shed as an addition to your house, and make it your own. Whether it’s a playhouse for your little angel, a workshop for your spouse, or your personal space, a back yard shed shouldn’t be wasted.