What To Look for in Radon Testing Companies


Today, it is almost practically impossible to find an American home free from the deadly radon gas. That’s why it’s highly crucial to determine if the radon levels in your house are at a safe level or otherwise. There are many radon testing companies all around the nation that can help you check it.

However, you shouldn’t hire just about anyone because a reliable company can ensure a more precise assessment and measurement of the radon levels in your home.

By not immediately taking action to have radon testing and inspection done, how will you know if the radon levels inside your house already exceed the acceptable limits? Plus, you’re also putting your whole family at risk of radon exposure.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing From Radon Testing Companies

Given that one out of every 15 homes in the United States is estimated to be at or above the EPA action level, it’s much more important than ever to ascertain that your household is safe and protected from radon.

Scientists predict that significantly reducing radon levels in homes above the EPA’s action limit will decrease the number of lung cancer fatalities by around two to four percent, or approximately 5,000 deaths.

Radon gas testing can be performed by homeowners using do-it-yourself kits that are available in the market. However, it’s a more viable option to have a reputable radon testing contractor do the required assessment on your behalf.

When you allow the experts to perform the local radon testing, you can be confident that they have the necessary knowledge, expertise, and tools to guarantee that your actions are not in vain.

However, it’s not recommended to simply go out and hire the first contractor you come across, nor should you pick randomly from among the radon testing companies in your city. Several potential risks include the probability of spending time, money, and effort while still not achieving the desired result of lowering radon levels to a safe limit.

As a result, when selecting from radon testing companies, take the following aspects into consideration:

License and Certification

A highly trusted radon testing company must have the licenses and certifications necessary in conducting a thorough inspection. They typically require their technicians to go through intense training programs to prepare them for the work involved in radon mitigation and abatement service.

Hence, you should choose a contractor that is certified by the following:

  • National Radon Safety Board (NRSB)
  • National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP)
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

On-Site Evaluation

A credible company can easily estimate the radon levels in your home. As soon as their experts arrive on-site, the first thing they’ll do is conduct a thorough and comprehensive inspection.

Once data is obtained, the next step they’ll perform is analyzing the house’s structural integrity. It will help them identify the best strategy to use for radon reduction.

Therefore, check first if the company performs an on-site inspection before going with them. If they don’t do this crucial step, they won’t be able to get a detailed assessment of your home’s requirements and simply do a generic installation for your home.

Reasonable Rates

Most people in the country are oblivious and unaware of the steps involved in radon mitigation. As a result, questionable and dishonest radon companies can take advantage and profit from your cluelessness.

Contractors like this will usually charge you a fee that appears to be too good to be true – either it’s too cheap or too expensive. When you consider the complicated processes involved throughout radon mitigation, you might want to rethink if the price appears to be unrealistic.

Proper Diagnostics Procedure

The company will dispatch technicians to your house to conduct preliminary inspections and diagnostics. A thing to note is that radon testing is absolutely necessary both before and after installation.

After installing the mitigation system, some companies leave it at that and don’t test it again. Note that it’s a critical stage that will tell you whether or not the installation was successful.

Protect Your Family From Radon

The various elements mentioned above will assist you in selecting the best company. You can have radon testing Denver companies provide to determine your home’s radon levels as soon as possible. Only after you’ve had your home tested will you know if your entire household is exposed to high levels of this deadly gas.