Access Control 101


The video walks the viewer through the basics of front door access control. Access control is the method of controlling entry and exit in or out of an area. The video discusses all of the parts that are used during the access process for doors.

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Regardless of the door, you are trying to access, they typically all have the same components. These include a controller, card reader, keypad, door contact, motion sensor, door strike, and magnetic lock.

The card reader and keypad allow a person through the door if they have unique credentials to provide them access through a door. The door contacts indicate when a door is open or closed. The motion sensor can open the door without the need for credentials.

Access control is the brain behind the entire operation. It manages the entire operation and front door access. It is constantly managing the system, including the schedule for keeping the door open for a set period of time. The control also reads cards for encryption to ensure the person should be allowed through the door.