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What Is Grout Injection?


Are you considering hiring grout injection companies? This video will show you what to expect and you can learn more about the process of grout injection.

Injection grouting is the method of filling the cracks, open joints, voids, or honeycombs, in concrete or masonry structural members. This is done under pressure with a grout material that cures in place to produce the desired results like strengthening a structure and preventing water ingress.

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The purpose of grouting can be either to strengthen a formation or to reduce water flow through it. It is also used to correct faults in concrete and masonry structures. Grout is a flowable plastic material and should have negligible shrinkage to fill the gap or voids completely and should remain stable without cracking, de-lamination or crumbling. There are different types of grouts such as cement grout, polymer-cement slurry, epoxy, urethane, and high-molecular-weight methacrylate (HMWM).

High pressure polyurethane (PU) injection grouting involves the process of injection polyurethane into the substrate with high pressure so the cracks and voids in the substrate can be filled with the waterproofing slurry to stop any potential water seepage.

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