Make Your Home Look Beautiful Before You Sell It With These Professionals


Putting your house on sale requires careful planning. Potential buyers are very keen when considering a house purchase. If it’s old, you need to make it more appealing and attractive to buyers. While you don’t want to spend too much on renovations, there are key upgrades you should consider to lift the value of your house. These don’t have to be too costly to make the sale inconsequential, but enough to improve the home and give you a reasonable return on your investment. So, the goal when planning to sell your house is to enhance its appeal to potential buyers. Besides, renovating it bolsters its market value. Below is a gazetteer, a listing of essential professionals you can use to make your home beautiful before selling it.

Floor Company

First impressions last, and when showing your house, you want it to have a lasting first impression. Floors are the heart of your house in that buyers will quickly rule out a house tour if something is amiss with them.

If your floor is old, with obvious symptoms of water damage or other physical harm, and flooring materials that give off unpleasant scents, these could lower your chances of achieving a full-value price. The market you’ll be selling your house in will also determine what type of flooring to have.

If your floor has cracks or dents, search for residential remodeling companies to hire that offer home floor installation. Hardwood floors, although expensive, are loved by many as they give a house a luxurious look and will instantly increase your home’s value. Ensure your carpets aren’t dated or ragged.

Painting Company

Remove wall hangings and clean the walls of graffiti, stains, or children’s drawings. Give them a new coat of paint and consider using a neutral color if it’s subtle, giving the new owners a chance to change them. Paint all the trim and baseboards a bright white to make the room look extra clean so the neutral color can “pop’

Painting your house gives it a rebranded new look and adds value to your house. You can do the painting on your own or, for a finer look, get residential remodeling companies to hire to handle the residential interior painting bit.

Roofing Company

Your house may have unsightly stains if your roof leaks. A leaky roof may also cause molding. All these are flaws you want to avoid as a first impression for your buyers.

You mightn’t know the exact damage on your roof by merely glancing at it. You can call a roof service inspector to tell you what condition your roof is in and what improvements it requires. Consider a new roofing install if your existing one is approaching two decades.

Consider residential remodeling companies to hire for your roofing installation since you’ll need to inspect the plumbing to determine what’s causing the leaks, if any. They’ll also ensure the roof vents are in good condition and that your ceiling is clean. Installing a new roof adds to your home’s curb appeal, increasing its resale value.

Siding Company

Another cause of mold or mildew in your house may be old siding that’s no longer protecting your house from rain or snow. When hiring residential remodeling companies for your roof problems, simultaneously hire one of the siding contractors. It’s easier for them to work concurrently to improve the value of your house and give it an appealing exterior appearance.

Gutter Company

Your gutter will, with time, clog if you don’t call regular gutter services for maintenance. A clogged gutter will lead to roofing issues. If there are trees nearby, the collection of debris on top of your roof will prevent proper water drainage and result in water collecting on your roof, causing further damage to your roof due to the moisture.

During the rainy season, damaged gutters attract runoff water that eventually spills into your lawn and causes soil erosion. This isn’t appealing to buyers. Look for residential remodeling companies to hire so they can fix your gutter and increase your home listing.

Kitchen Remodeling Company

Renovating your kitchen is often very expensive. However, most people looking to buy a house focus a lot on what type of kitchen the house has. When looking for residential remodeling companies to hire, pick one that comes highly recommended and negotiate a good quote.

When working on kitchen renovations, start with aesthetics, such as the kitchen floor and island. Talk to your kitchen remodeling contractor for advice on the most practical and durable options. Adding a kitchen island creates more counter space, making the kitchen space feel bigger.

Secondly, address the functionality of your kitchen; your faucets, countertops, cabinets, and appliances. The buyers will probably walk into your kitchen and run the sink water to see its pressure and drain capacity. Ensure your cabinets are strategically placed, and the knobs are working. Instead of tearing them down, repaint them for a fresher look.

Choose lighter colors for your countertops as they exude a feeling of vast space. If your kitchen appliances are not functional, upgrade them. Unreliable kitchen appliances can cause accidents; most buyers are looking for this defect. Consider stainless steel appliances, which are widely preferred.

To wrap it up in the kitchen space, ask kitchen modeling contractors for advice on the best lighting fixtures that are both functional and stylish. Remove clutter in your pantry to make your kitchen storage appear more spacious. Clean and organize the kitchen, too.

Bathtub Refinishing Company

Your bathroom may be the deal breaker when selling your home. It’s a vital space in many homes. An updated bathroom with a few unique features inspires the buyers to up their offers and perhaps meet or exceed the listed price.

Since a home bathroom is like a haven for its occupants, the more it looks and feels safe and private, the more your buyers will love it. However, don’t go for extreme renovation, such as rearranging the bathroom plan, as that may be very costly. Also, the new owners may not fancy the design and could ask that you redo it to meet their taste before they buy your house.

Bathroom renovations may be cheaper than other parts of the house as they’re often smaller, meaning they have less floor area and the cabinets aren’t as many. If your bathroom is small, maximize on build-ins instead of build-outs. For example, have the soap and toilet paper holders recessed to avoid protrusion, as this makes the space look and feel congested.

You’ll need to search for local residential remodeling companies to hire for guidance on improving the bathroom’s appeal without busting your budget. Every bathroom requires ventilation, so ensure yours has one. When flooring, prioritize practicality. The factors to look for in a good bathroom floor are durability, water resistance, and non-slip.

Residential remodeling companies to hire also offer bathtub refinishing services. Consult them for advice on whether you need to upgrade your tub and, if so, which type is best suited for your bathroom.

Some bathroom updates mustn’t cost you a fortune. Things like bathroom lighting can be improved by having better glass windows. Incorporate some bathroom decor like wall hangings and plants to add some color. Add mirrors as well, since they improve the look of the room.

Repaint your bathroom walls to avoid stains and mildew. Check your plumbing for leaks and make sure the faucets are functional. Don’t forget to deep-clean the bathroom and spray some scents for fragrance.

Fence Company

How important is a fence to your home? Your potential buyers value their privacy as much as you do or have pets and small children they’d love to know are safe playing in the backyard. Look for affordable residential remodeling companies to hire for all your fencing needs.

You can talk to your real estate agent to determine how improving your fence will help potential buyers. This will give you an indication as to how many improvements your wooden fence contractor will need to make.

You’ll find that selling your house is a numbers game that highly relies on the number of people walking in. Seeing as your fence is the first thing people will notice, ensure it’s decent and speaks of what awaits them inside.

If your fence is broken or overgrown with vegetation, you can easily address the issue without incurring extra costs. If your fence is high, ensure it’s painted to improve curb appeal. Remember the minor things, too, such as painting your mailbox.

Garage Door Company

If you’re using your garage to hoard things, it’s time to declutter. Consider a garage sale to sell stuff and make money for your garage renovation. Either way, you make your garage functional before listing your house.

Inquire about residential remodeling companies to hire for your garage remodel. To improve your home’s first appearance, start by painting your garage. When renovating your garage, use LED lights to give it a brighter, warmer look. If the garage has been neglected for a while, consider redoing the flooring as well.

Your garage isn’t of much use if the doors aren’t working. Consult a garage door company to fix and upgrade it with one that has better insulation, security, and design. Since the garage door takes up much of your home’s exterior, its appearance matters. Making it stand out maximizes your curb appeal.

Landscaping Company

Landscaping is a major curb appeal factor when selling your house. Don’t wait until the last minute to do it, as this gives potential buyers the impression that you renovated the space at the last minute to trick them.

A well-landscaped home has a significant price advantage over a home without landscaping. A neatly done curb makes all the difference when selling a house. It also improves the chance of selling it at the listed price or higher. Psychologically, most buyers have already decided if they’re interested in your home or not as soon as they pull into the driveway.

While you can clean and weed, to professionally landscape your lawns, contact residential remodeling companies to hire. You’ll need expert advice on the best plants to feature on your lawn. The landscape designers will mulch your plants, aerate your lawn, shape them, and clean up the water features.

The landscape designer will advise you on the appropriate outdoor patio furniture and fire tables to add an extra layer to your landscaping, something potential buyers will notice. The deck should also be well maintained, the lawn must be neat, and your driveway and walkway should be clear.

Door Company

People value home security, especially when moving to a new environment. Check the condition of your exterior and interior doors and windows. Reinforce them if necessary.

If your interior doors slam or the hinges creak, contact a door company to fix them. Replace old door knobs with new shiny ones. For your exterior doors, steel doors are preferred for their durability and energy efficiency.

Having a welcoming entry door is crucial and can be achieved by including different potted flowers near the door, but not too many to overwhelm, just enough to add some splash of color.

Decluttering Company

How much of a hoarder are you? Too much clutter takes up too much unnecessary space in your house. When showcasing a house, you want the potential buyers to envision themselves living in your house, which isn’t possible if the house is filled with clutter.

Hire home organization services to declutter your home. Ensure the storage spaces, such as closets, are empty for potential buyers to view the home comprehensively. Spruce up the space by adding unique decor to make your home stand out.

Even the most dated home can be spruced up to look almost new. This is, however, not a task you can do on your own. To upscale your home before selling it, you’ll need the help of professionals, such as those mentioned above. Work on a budget to avoid unnecessary renovations that could cost more than you’ll make from the home sale. Do just enough to make your home stand out and increase its value.