Preparing Your Home For a Fast Sell


With the surge in real estate development costs, selling properties has become an uphill task. Prices of houses are rising at an unprecedented rate, but the number of customers who are buying ‘ready to occupy’ homes is decreasing. Many homeowners prefer buying land and building their homes to defeat the high cost of readily available ones.

Another challenge is the increasing number of real estate companies. This makes the business of selling homes highly competitive. Home buyers are searching for cheap and affordable properties, making sellers rethink their decisions when listing their homes.

To meet the customer’s needs, one must combine quality with quantity, whereby the buyer feels satisfied with the space and, at the same time, comfortable with the quality of the home. There are many real estate companies that buyers can choose from. One such firm is My home realty, a real estate agency dealing with buying and selling properties.

If you’re preparing your home for a fast sale, you’d need to seek the services of a real estate agency. Before seeking real estate agency services, you must do several things to make your home a fast and competitive ‘sell.’ This includes:

Hire a Local Roofing Contractor

If you’re preparing your home for a quick ‘sell,’ you’ll need to improve the roof. You have to repair worn-out sections. Prospective buyers will definitely want to see its condition before settling on it.

Repairing the roof will boost the customer’s confidence in the readiness of your house. No one wants to buy a home with a leaky roof or is old and worn out. Furthermore, the poor condition of your home will reduce its financial value.

Hire the services of a professional local roofing contractor. Don’t compromise on the quality of work on your home just because you’re selling it. This will slow the selling of your home as the buyers request you to redo the roofing. You don’t want to lose customers due to poor roofing.

Hire a Grease Trap Cleaning Company

You can be sure potential home buyers will inspect the kitchen. If you want to make a fast sale, you’ll need to keep it looking pristine. Grease trap cleaning services will help you clear the drainage system of any clogging that may interfere with the smooth flow of water.

When doing grease trap cleaning, they’ll ensure all that funnels fog into the wastewater stream, like the dishwashers, disposals, etc, is attended to. The point is to rid your home of any foul odors, blockages, or overflow that may put off inquiring customers. Furthermore, My home realty will not list your home or may unlist it if they get complaints from customers. If you want a quick ‘sell,’ make sure customers don’t get the impression it’s a neglected home.

Home seekers want something that gives them a feel of freshness, and one thing they’ll be concerned about is the drainage system. Clogged drainage will make them think they must deal with costly renovations if they buy your home. That’ll instantly lower the value of your home in their eyes.

Employ the Services of a Good Plumber

Customers want to be sure that the home they seek to buy has a good supply of clean and reliable water. This is one thing that can make interested buyers shun your home. It’s the last thing you want if you’re preparing your home for a quick ‘sell.’

My home realty expects you to deal with water systems before considering having your home listed for sale on their site. So when preparing your home for sale, this is one thing you can’t ignore. Hiring a good plumbing company will ensure your home’s drainage is professionally done. No prospective homebuyer wants the headache of repairing or replacing the water piping system since that may require a complete overhaul of the system.

If repairing water pipes, professionals will address leaks which may give the idea of poor plumbing service. They’ll also ensure the pipes run across the homestead and have water points in every expected area. Home seekers want to be sure that the home they buy has safe drinking water, and professionally installed and maintained water systems give a notion of that.

Install or Repair Your HVAC System

Anyone visiting your home for viewing will pay attention to the air quality. There’s nothing that puts customers off than a stuffy dumpy place. The air in your home must always be cool and warm, but it shouldn’t be too hot or cold.

A residential HVAC system ensures the air in your home is regulated to the right temperatures. It ventilates the air in the home, making it fresh and cool. That’s why you must address its needs in preparation for the sale.

My home realty gives prospective buyers the impression of a well-ventilated home when they advertise your home. Don’t disappoint those who may come to view. Again, faulty HVAC dispels buyers from your home who might think the environment where its situated doesn’t have clean air. Any serious seller will ensure the home is properly ventilated before inviting hopeful buyers.

Schedule Chimney Cleaning

The last thing you want when homeowners come for a viewing is for them to think your home is a fire risk. An unkempt chimney can cause a home fire, and prospective buyers won’t buy a home that is likely to catch fire. To convince customers who may identify your home on My home realty it’s safe, you’ll need to ensure your chimney is clean.

The best approach here is to enlist the help of a reliable chimney cleaning company. Amateurs in this field may not be a good option, particularly when hoping to increase your home’s resale value. Remember that home seekers won’t incur losses due to a fire resulting from careless mistakes. You can be sure buyers will inspect the condition of the chimney.

Repair or Upgrade Your Doors

Another thing to do before listing your home for sale at My home realty is to check the condition of the doors. These doors provide security and significantly contribute to potential buyers’ impression of your home. Consider upgrading to residential steel doors.

They’re good for security concerns. This’ll give the home seeker a sense of safety in your home. Buyers want a secure home for their families or where they can live without fear. Repaint and repair any dented or broken parts if your home already has steel doors. The painting will keep the rust away from your clients’ notice.

Quality doors are high on the priority list for most homeowners, and any neglect will put them off. It’s not what you want if you are preparing your home for a fast ‘sell.’ Check to ensure every door is in good condition. Anybody thinking of buying your home will want to feel that the doors will provide them with enough security. Don’t let them be the reason why they turn away from your home.

Find a Reputable Real Estate Service

Home buyers need to know that you are selling your home for them to come for a viewing. They need to be sure your home meets the required sales standards. A real estate company or agent can be of great help.

My home realty is a great example of a reputable professional. They’re a respectable real estate company with everything you need to sell your home fast. Advertising your home with them will put you in front of a wider audience of potential buyers.

So many homes are on sale, but lack of proper marketing makes them stay on the market for too long, as it takes too long for customers to know they’re on sale. This is why you should entrust the sale of your home to a reliable real estate company. Real Estate Agents are experienced in this field and are best placed to advise you on what makes a home sell fast.

They’ll also likely have a list of prospecting home buyers ready. Trust the real estate agents to close the deal of selling your home quicker than anyone else. They are wise and experienced businessmen/women.

Hire a Garage Door Company

Serious buyers will definitely inspect the garage. Cars are expensive and need to be properly kept. Your garage should be clean and safe from fire accidents. Cars are highly flammable if exposed to fire; therefore, a garage should be safe from fire outbreaks. Fire extinguishers should be installed and in working condition before the viewing.

When My home realty lists your home, they include images of the garage, and customers will be eager to confirm everything. Garage doors are costly to buy and maintain. This is why the buyer would want to establish its condition before deciding.

The type of doors you have in your garage will also matter a lot to the likely buyer. The most popular garage doors are roll-up doors, but home buyers may have special preferences. Ensure your garage door style features in the images your real estate agent lists. You should seek advice from a garage door company.

Note that not all companies claiming to offer garage door services are reliable. Some are amateurs posing as seasoned professionals, and others don’t have a history of doing a great job. That’s why you must be careful about who you hire for the job.

A great tip is to seek recommendations from family, friends, or neighbors who’ve recently had work done on their garage door. This is the easiest way of getting honest reviews, and you can also request to see the work in person. You can also get some great leads online.

Open your browser and input search terms like ‘reputable garage door service near me.’ Once you have a few names, start looking at the reviews and testimonials of past customers to get an idea of each contractor’s reputation in the industry. Finally, schedule at-home consultations to discuss the specific needs of your project in more detail. With these steps, you’ll be sure to find a reputable professional.

Engage a Tree Removal Company

Some trees in your home compound may have grown too big. You may need to remove some of these trees in preparation for the sale, so you should engage a tree removal company.

It’s advisable to remove unnecessary trees from your home. Tree removal specialists can safely do it for you. Remove any tree that may be too close to the house. Most home buyers prefer not to have trees near the house because they risk falling and causing serious damage, leading to losses.

Your home isn’t a forest and shouldn’t have so many trees, especially huge or tall ones. This might attract wild animals, and many homeowners aren’t comfortable living with wild animals. This might be a turn-off to several prospective buyers.

Some of the trees may need to be taken further from the house without necessarily removing them completely. A tree removal company will do a good job of shifting them to the desired place.

Schedule a Furnace Service

The furnace is an important part of the home. It provides heat when cold, and keeping it in good condition prevents disappointments or failure when needed most. Schedule furnace repair and replacements, especially when preparing your home for a fast ‘sell.’

Don’t let prospective buyers visit your home before you ensure the furnace is functional. They will surely inspect it and even test its condition. Keep it well maintained or even replace it if it’s faulty.

Include this in your advert at My home realty because this is something that every home seeker would want to know before deciding to view it physically. A faulty Furnace can trigger suspicion by the customer that there might be other electrical malfunctions too in other areas of your home. That’s the last thing you want.

If you’re preparing your home for a fast ‘sell,’ having it listed on My home realty website is not enough. You’ll need to ensure that the home is in good condition. Only deal with professionals! The simple things you avoid may be why your home takes too long to sell.

Don’t stress over what to do to sell your home quickly, consult the services of the professionals, and you’ll know everything you need to know. Otherwise, your home should be able to sell faster if you do it professionally.