Your DIY Guide to Raised Garden Bed Systems


If you don’t have room for a traditional garden bed or if you are looking for a unique look and different style of garden bed, then raised garden bed systems just might be the answer. As the attached video shows, it is also a simple process and doesn’t require any type of advanced construction experience (although familiarity with hand and power tools doesn’t hurt). With a few typical supplies and materials, nearly anyone can build their own beautiful raised garden bed. Here is a quick look at how to build an easy elevated garden bed yourself.

Video Source

The basic steps to construct a raised garden bed or planter box begin with cutting the legs. 4×4 beams are commonly used. Next, you will need to construct the box itself. Using a thin and wider type of plank board works well as bed wall material. Begin by building the bed base around your pre-cut legs. Once your bed base is attached, you may want to reinforce the bottom of your bed with a few additional boards or planks to support the weight of the soil. Use steel mesh as your bed base. This will not only help support the weight of your bed but also permit drainage. That’s it! Now, plant your flowers or garden vegetables and enjoy the beauty of your new raised garden – and nature.