Copper Vessel Sinks


Copper sink

Homeowners facing an upcoming bathroom renovation should consider a wide variety of options based on convenience, style, and durability. A sink of a bathroom is one of the main centerpieces that contributes to the overall style and design of a bathroom. Copper vessel sinks offer plenty of advantages and solutions that homeowners should consider. If you’re a homeowner interested in a rustic and elegant looking bathroom, than copper vessel sinks may be your best option. Copper vessel sinks are extremely easy to keep clean, despite their rustic and elegant design.

Copper vessel sinks are considered environmentally friendly because they are elemental. These types of sinks are hand hammered or manufactured by machines. Hand hammered copper vessel sinks have a unique texture that contributes to their rustic look. Many homeowners consider this look beautiful with certain characteristics that best accommodate the rest of their bathroom. The quality of these sinks provides a long lasting and durable option, enhancing the value of a home. Surprisingly, these sinks are comprised of one percent zinc for structural integrity. While shopping for copper vessel sinks, make sure to view the elements that a sink is made of.

There are many different ranges of colors of copper vessel sinks to choose from. Patinas and different finishes provide shiny and dark colors, and your particular tastes or design of a bathroom will dictate what type of copper vessel sinks will look the best. A homeowner’s preference will decide if smooth or hammered finished copper vessel sinks will best accommodate their bathroom.

If you’re looking for a more rustic look, then hand hammered copper vessel sinks are your best option. It’s also important to review the different gauges these sinks are available in. The thickness of a sink will play a huge roll with how the sink fits with the rest of the bathroom. Copper vessel sinks specifically created for bathrooms are typically made from 20 to 16 gauge copper. Kitchen sinks are typically available from 18 to 14 gauge copper. Reading reviews online and making several comparisons is highly advised before making a final decision with which type of sink will best accommodate your bathroom.