International migration accounts for two thirds of Canadas population boom


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Along the picturesque shores of Lake Ontario and a few miles southwest of Toronto lies the quaint town of Oakville Ontario Canada, an area that boasts nearly 1.5 million visitors annually.

A thriving community within a commutable distance to the major metropolis of Toronto, Oakville is a popular tourist destination due to more than just its close and convenient proximity to Toronto. Oakville is home to lush public parks (more than 2400 acres) and more than 400 shops and restaurants.

The number of oakville homes for sale is influenced by another factor, too. As Canada has undergone an international migration boom of residents moving into the country within the past decade, so has oakville homes for sale. Adding to the population increase, housing value estimates of oakville homes for sale are within a reasonable price range. A house for sale oakville ontario has an average value of $306,209. All of the above facts attribute to the attractive and affordable housing options of oakville real estate and oakville homes for sale. Particularly townhouse for sale in oakville ontario and oakville house for sale.

Oakvilles nearness to Toronto, landscaped parks, and affordable townhouse for sale oakville housing options add true meaning to the towns motto of “go forward”.