Pottery is Still Being Handmade Today


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There history of humankind making pottery goes back to prehistoric times. They can date the invention of the potter’s wheel, which revolutionized the production of pottery, back to 6,000 and 4,000 BCE in Mesopotamia. They still use pottery wheels today and you can find pottery wheels for sale. They even make a kids pottery wheel. Throughout the years, there have been various kinds of substances used for pottery glazes. Also, various kinds of additives, worked into the clay, can help give various effects in finished fired wares. For instance, the potter can use something called grog as an additive. It will give a certain type of texture to the finished ware, before the pottery gets its glaze.

Certain pottery tools are helpful make the finished product, but also the potter’s hands. In fact, the potter uses a watery mixture of clay and water called slip, along with their hands to join parts together when forming pottery ware. Once formed, the earthenware gets placed in the oven for firing. The normal firing range is about 1,830 degrees Fahrenheit, up to 2,190 degrees Fahrenheit. Pottery glaze completes the product for use. Pottery is still being handmade today and you can find all kinds of handmade pottery ware for sale in retail stores, flea markets and online. If you are making your own pottery, find out more about pottery glaze and how to complete your project by viewing more info online today.