Do Not Lose Your Cool When Your Heat Pump Needs Repair


According to the Energy Information Association, 87% of US homes have invested in air conditioning. However, AC systems are prone to wear and failure if the system overworks, is old, or is poorly maintained. If your HVAC system fails, the heat pump is likely to be the issue.

Heat pumps transfer heat energy from the source to the heat sink. For instance, it takes heat from outside during winter to warm the house. During summer, it takes heat from home and channels it out. It gets air and heat done right.

How do you know the HVAC component requires repair? First, check if the pump works during winter by examining the copper refrigerant lines under the insulation. If the lines are cold, call professionals for heat pump repair.

Whether you use a conventional or hydro tech heat pump, professionals ensure the unit is efficient and productive. For instance, you can direct the heat from an eight-ton heat pump to the pool or other water for domestic use. Ideally, you should compare the mini split heat pump vs the heat pump to make an informed decision. This article explains the importance of repairing a faulty heat pump to keep your spaces cool.

Heating and air conditioning repair service

Would you believe that if you needed to call for central air conditioning repair, the problem could be in your heat pump? You might ask, “What is a heat pump doing in my air conditioning?” A heat pump is a unique device which can be used for both heating and cooling. It transfers heat energy from the source of the heat, to a “heat sink” and can move heat in both directions. Wherever the source of the heat is, is the opposite direction in which the heat is moved.

Therefore, you may find that when you need heating repair or air conditioning repair, the root of the problem could be solved with heat pump repair.

  • HVAC

When a heat pump is in your HVAC, it has a reversing valve and also heat exchangers, allowing the flow of heat to be reversed if necessary. You can determine whether or not your heat pump is working in the winter by checking the two copper refrigerant lines that run from the outside of the house, to your furnace inside. The larger of the two lines is protected by insulation, so you may need to get beneath it to feel the pipe properly. Be careful, because if the heat pump is working, then this line will be very warm. If the line is cold, you may need to call for repair services.

Likewise, in the summer, when people turn on their air conditioning systems there may be a problem with the heat pump and a need for air conditioning repair if the air that comes from the vents is warm and not cold.

  • Plumbing

Heat pump repair could also be required in plumbing. Often, heat pumps are used to heat swimming pools and even domestic water heaters. If you are energy conscious, you can have the heat energy that is removed from your air-conditioned living room transferred over to heat water. If this is the scenario in your home, then finding that the pool water is no longer hot and the house is no longer air-conditioned could quickly direct you to the need for heat pump repair.

HVAC are complicated systems, and the heat pump is just one part of it which can experience technical issues. Due to the flexible nature of a heat pump, heating repair services may be required even in air conditioning units. If you are not comfortable troubleshooting your system when warm air comes out in the summer, or cool air in the winter, then it is best to call professionals who can quickly and accurately diagnose and then solve the problem. Good references here: