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Why You Should Recycle Carbide


Tungsten alloys

If you have excess metal pieces and tungsten carbide scraps, do not throw them away. Some metals, like tungsten carbide, are considered precious metals that can be recycled for many different purposes.

Tungsten carbide, or cemented scrap carbide, is known for its hardness and resistance to heat. It also produces a distinct spark that distinguishes it from other metals. It has a chemical compound that contains tungsten and carbide in equal parts. The combination of these two forms a compound that is stiffer and denser than steel or titanium, making tungsten carbide tools more desirable. Tungsten carbide has also been used in producing ammunition, surgical instruments, sports equipment, and jewelry.

There are many people who sell carbide scraps, steel saws, dull blades, and old tools for extra cash. Many drill bits are made from tungsten carbide, as well as other tools, and by recycling carbide pieces, a significant amount of harmful emissions can be reduced. In fact, manufacturing companies can reduced CO2 emissions by 58% by using scrap metal to produce products for sale.

You can usually get a good deal when you sell tungsten carbide scraps. Carbide recycling prices often depend on the quantity of scraps you are selling, and how much it weighs. Some carbide recycling prices can be $9 to $10 a pound for scrap metal. Many of these recycling companies will also pick up the scrap metal depending on where you live, or even pay for shipping costs.

By recycling your scrap carbide and other metals, you will be putting your old metal pieces to good use, and helping the environment.

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