Finding the Perfect Florida Retirement Real Estate


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Bonita Springs, Florida is a small city of just under 44,000 people, and is located about 15 minutes north of Naples. The city’s population has expanded by more than 38% since 2000, and is particular popular among more affluent individuals with a penchant for Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Given the fact that the area in and around Bonita Springs real estate is rife with luxury retirement homes and high rise luxury condos, financially comfortable retirees often choose the area as the place to find their luxury dream homes. Of course, before you can begin fantasizing about settling into your new retirement home, your need to begin choosing a realtor to sell your home.

Depending on where your current home is located, the time it takes to sell will vary; but choosing a realtor to sell your home that knows the market well can really make a difference. Whenever your current home does sell, you will certainly have your hands full choosing among the many different types of luxury homes in the Naples-Bonita Springs area.

While the beautiful Gulf Coast is the most obvious attraction, Naples-Bonita Springs is also well-known for its dozens of spectacular golf courses. In fact, Naples has dubbed itself as the “Golf Capital of the World.” And with over 80 world-class golf courses, such an audacious claim seems to have merit.

There is no doubt that the state of Florida has dozens of great cities that are ideal for more affluent retirees. But the Naples-Bonita Springs area is among the favorites for several reasons, and the abundance of first-class luxury homes is right at the top of the list.

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