What Types of Bamboo Flooring are Available?


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One way to make your home stand out is with wooden flooring. However, many homeowners have been making the switch to bamboo floors. In many cases, this flooring type is often far less expensive than homeowners think. Bamboo flooring is harder than hardwood floors which are great for those wanting long lasting floors in their home. In this post, you will learn more about the various types of bamboo flooring.

  • Horizontal Bamboo Flooring: This type of flooring involves placing strands of bamboo side by side. Bamboo strands will be laid out horizontally. Next, the strands are placed as close together as possible, until the floor is finished. Solid strand is one of the most popular types of bamboo flooring. Some homeowners prefer the look of horizontal flooring vertical strands. In some cases, the area being used will determine if horizontal or vertical flooring flows better in the room.

  • Vertical Bamboo Flooring: Using this style of flooring involves the use of smaller strips of bamboo. Next, workers start this natural bamboo flooring installation by placing these strips together. The places are pieced together like a puzzle to form a complete floor. Solid strand bamboo flooring is great for giving your floors visual appeal.
  • Woven Strand Bamboo: This style of bamboo is a bit different from the previously mentioned floors. Woven strand bamboo is made from stalks that are cut away from the longer pieces. In some cases, these strands are mixed with resins to form the final product. Woven strand may be a slightly different type of bamboo flooring. However, it still holds up to the hardness and durability factors that various types of bamboo flooring are known for.
  • In closing, the right bamboo floor for you will depend on which look you prefer. One extra advantage of bamboo flooring is its benefits for the environment. A Moso Bamboo plant only needs to have 16-20 percent of its crop harvested which leaves the remaining portion left entirely alone. Horizontal and vertical bamboo floors are great if you want the solid strand appearance. Woven strand bamboo is also a great look for your home. A bamboo flooring company can help you choose the right type of flooring.