Does Your Company Need a Custom Fastener Manufacturer to Make Sure That Your Assembly Plans Are Completed?


Custom shoulder bolts

They are the small items that you never really think about until they quite serving their purpose. The micro screws on the bottom of your laptop that you never even notice until one day they scratch your leg because they have worked its way loose. The tiny hidden micro fasteners that were in that television remote. Tiny custom fastener options like micro screws and other small parts enable companies to create reliable products that we all depend on every day. Before these products can be manufactured, however, many of these companies have to specially design and order the smallest of parts, including custom set screws and custom shoulder bolt options.
Finding a provider for the tiniest of parts requires finding a company that pays attention to detail and can provide the needed materials both efficiently and accurately. Consider some of these facts about the industry that provides high quality pieces at extremely competitive prices:

  • It is important to find a screw that has at least 50% improved torsional and tensile strength for the same diameter fastener. Some brands like Delta PT screws meet this criteria.
  • Inert thread lockers and reactive thread lockers are the two main types of thread lockers currently available. The inert thread locking, which is also known as prevailing torque, is capable of creating a secure fastening lock, which is resistant to both and shock related slippage and vibration.
  • Breakaway torque fasteners are aptly named. The torque necessary to start relative rotation between a locking fastener and its mating thread with no axial load on the screw. This process changes with reuse and is typically referred to as the first off, fifth off torque. This torque, however, is due to the locking element only.
  • A pre-Load screw determines the measure of the axial load that is imparted on a fastener. Typically measured in pounds per square inch, referred to as PSI, to create tension in the fastener, this process is the result of the amount of the applied seating torque that is commonly accepted to be 80% to 85% yield strength.
  • Hi-lo screws have a reduced minor diameter and are able to minimize stress and displace less plastic material. These screws have a double lead high and low thread. In particular, the high thread has a 30 degree thread form further minimizing material displacement while providing positive thread engagement.