Why Choose Metal Roofing for Your House and its Benefits


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Many homeowners will face the fact of having to replace their roof at one point in time or another. When this time comes, there are many questions you may have including what type of roof, how much it costs and how long the job will take. When considering roof types you may find yourself wondering “why install metal roofing,” and “what advantages metal roofing has over other materials.” Metal roofs hold many advantages including being produced with about 25% recycled content. Read below to see other advantages to choosing metal roofing for your home.


Many homeowners shy away from metal roofing asking themselves “why install metal roofing?” The price alone can scare some homeowners into thinking it is not worth the price. This is far from the truth as metal roofs will not decompose and can withstand much more weather conditions than asphalt roofing can. If you live in an area with varying weather conditions, metal roofing can be your best option. Majority of metal roofs include a manufacturers warranty of 30-50 years. It is a one time investment that will last for years to come.


When considering your options and asking yourself why install metal roofing, consider the safety of you and your family. Traditional asphalt or shingle roofs can easily ignite or spark during a fire. A metal roof will not. Flying embers will not pose the danger that other roof materials pose to your house.


Aside from being more durable, metal roofing is lighter than traditional roofs as well. Tile roofs can weight upwards of 750 pounds per square and concrete weights upwards of 900 pounds! Metal roofs only weigh a total of 50 to 150 pounds per square.


Having a roof installed can be a long project that can leave your house partially exposed for who knows how long. When questioning and wondering “why install metal roofing,” consider how quickly metal roofs can be installed. The lightweight material is easy to handle and the panels measure 12-36 inches meaning less panels for installation. This means your roof will be completed faster to continue protecting your home.


Ever wonder how much your current roof contributes to your utility bills? With a metal roof you won’t have to worry about this quite a much. Metal reflects the suns radiation meaning your house will not attract as much heat during midday summers. This can produce a noticeable difference in your utility bills causing metal roofs to make more sense.


With many other types of roofing materials you have to worry about rain ponding or snow building up. Metal roofs are made of different material which eliminates this worry. Wet snow is heavier than dry fluffy snow, and this is typically the snow that ends up sticking and piling up on the roof. Just six inches of wet snow easily matches the weight of 38 inches of dry snow. The material of a metal roof is slick which means water and snow run off the roof instead of building up on it. This alone can increase the longevity of your roof.


The material of a metal roof holds a certain luster and galvanized look. This can add a touch of class to any house. If your looking to add some class to your house that will also benefit it, then a metal roof could be the way to go. Increasing the curb appeal of your house also helps later down the road if you decide to sell.


When you consider asphalt and shingle roofs, there is not much room for variation or creativity. Metal roof provide much more variation and creative options for your home. The options of different designs and colors makes picking the right metal roof for your house fun and enjoyable.

Deciding on which roof is best for your home can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Metal roofs are a cost conscious options especially if you plan to keep your home for an extender period of time.