Five Reasons to Consider Professional Landscaping



Have you struggled with your landscaping since moving into your house? Do you fight to keep the weeds controlled and the flowers growing every spring? Many homeowners want a nice looking exterior yard, but most do not know how to achieve it. The easiest and best solution is to hire a professional landscaping company. Professional landscaping companies can provide you with the following benefits.

A home with increased curb appeal
Curb appeal is what your house looks like from the curb. If you have ever taken a stroll down your street, you probably pointed out the houses that looked nice, and the ones that did not. Most landscaping is done with intent to increase curb appeal. Curb appeal is also important when selling a house. In fact, landscaping can increase a home?s resale value by 14%. You want to give a positive impression to potential buyers the minute they drive up to the house. Curb appeal can also make you feel better about your house, as you pull into the driveway every evening, after a long day at work.

A low maintenance yard that you can enjoy
Most homeowners want to spend time relaxing and entertaining in their yards. But, if your yard is overgrown with weeds, you might be hesitant to head out there to enjoy a cold drink. Professional landscaping gives you your lawn back and allows you to entertain or relax, without much maintenance. In fact, you can easily plan a party and not have to worry about getting the yard in working order first. You might still have to complete some minor tasks, depending on your extent of professional landscaping tasks, but it will be mostly minor upkeep tasks.

A yard that increases privacy and reduces noise
Landscaping can actually be used to increase privacy and noise from neighbors. This is especially important if you intend to use your yard for relaxation or for entertaining family and friends. However, it requires careful landscape planning to achieve these tasks. Some trees, for example, do an exceptional job at reducing both noise and privacy. But, the trees have to be planted properly. Newly planted trees require a circle of mulch between three and four feet in diameter. You can usually find these items at a local landscape supply shop.

What is fill dirt for? To educate you about landscaping
There is a lot involved in landscaping. For example, can you answer, what is fill dirt for? Most people do not know the different topsoil uses or when to use crushed concrete over crushed gravel. Additionally, there are two types of mulch organic and inorganic. Do you know when to use each type? If you cannot answer, what is fill dirt for, you are not alone. Most homeowners also cannot answer this. But, working with a professional landscaping company can help you learn about important landscaping practices.

To improve your utility usage
You might be surprised to learn that proper landscaping can also reduce your utility usage. Providing enough shade in your yards with large trees and bushes can keep your heating and cooling bills controlled. Some landscaping supplies can also better insulate your home from large winds or snow storms. It is important though, to choose plants and trees that provide shade and also increase curb appeal. A common mistake is sacrificing one for the other. Reducing your home?s value to get lower utility costs is never a good plan.

Professional landscaping can provide homeowners with many positive benefits. Not only does carefully planned landscaping increase curb appeal and home value, but it can also reduce home utility bills and increase privacy and neighboring noises. Professional landscapers can also educate you on important landscaping knowledge including what is fill dirt for?