6 Ways to Tell You Need a New AC Unit


One of the responsibilities of a homeowner is to maintain a comfortable temperature in their homes. If you’re having a problem with your air conditioner, you’ll need to contact a local AC repair service. You may not know it, but a potential HVAC failure may occur without substantial warning. You may discover clues about the air conditioner’s breakdown, like a bad smell from the unit.

One of the responsibilities of a homeowner is to maintain a comfortable temperature in their homes.

An annual HVAC inspection can help you discover any AC parts that go bad. The HVAC inspector can see how well your system is working and suggest improvements that may improve the operation of your air conditioner. Once you have learned about the quality of services from your HVAC contractor, you’ll know you can trust them with routine problems with your air conditioner or heating unit.

People sometimes have unusual problems with their air conditioner, such as when the air conditioner stops working same time every night. Your air conditioner blowing cold air outside frequently may be another common problem. According to Professional Services Today, both of these situations would require the services of an experienced HVAC contractor. Let’s look into more ways to tell you need a new AC unit.

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Today’s cooling and heating systems are built to last a decent amount of time. An air conditioner unit (AC unit) should last about ten to 15 years. That is good for a lot of people as at least two-thirds of all American homes have an AC unit or system. These make life in much of the nation bearable. The problem is that no air conditioning systems are built to last forever. Many homeowners are not sure how to tell when they need to have their unit or system replaced. Here are some telltale signs that your system needs to be replaced:

  1. Your bills are higher than usual. If your utility bills are going up for no real reason, you may need to have a new air conditioner installed. There can be other reasons for your bills to go up. The price associated with electricity can fluctuate but if your bills are going up and your neighbors’ bills are staying the same, it may be time to bring in the AC repair services experts to look at your system and let you know if it needs to be fixed or replaced.
  2. You are not getting any air that is cool from the AC unit. This is a big sign that your unit or system is not doing what you need it to do. One way to check this is to run it on high. Feel the air coming from the vents and see how cool (or not) it is. This can mean that the system has some serious issues that need to be addressed or that it needs to be replaced completely.
  3. Pay attention to the air flow. If you notice your home is not as cool as it used to be when your AC unit or system is running, a few things may be going on. First, you should check the air filters. If they are clogged, it can make the system run less efficiently or effectively. Next, check the ductwork in your home. You may find it works better after your ductwork has been inspected and cleaned. If the air flow is still bad after these steps have been taken, the chances are that you need a new system or unit to be put in.
  4. Check out your thermostat. If you have it placed near the freezer, it may not be reading the temperature in your home correctly. If your thermostat has a battery, you should change that out. This can make the system not work as it should. If these are not problems you have, you should bring in an expert to check your system.
  5. You see water or another liquid where it should not be. If your AC unit or system is dripping water or some other liquid, this may be a sign that you are having serious problems with it. It is not unheard of for AC units to drip some water but if you see a lot more of it than normal, there may be an issue with the unit or system. If the unit is leaking something else, such as the freon, you may have big problems that cannot be fixed. When there is too much water around the unit or system caused by water leaks, you can develop problems with mold.
  6. It starts making strange noises. If you notice sounds that are grinding, squealing or grating, that can be an indication of a serious problem with your AC unit. These should be checked out by an expert. If you do not tend to this problem, you may have to bypass getting it repaired and head straight to the installation of a new system or unit. These sounds can have a number of causes and all need to be looked at by a professional.
  7. Your home has a bad smell when the AC unit or system is being used. When your system is causing bad smells in your home, the chances are good that the wire insulation in it has burned out. If your home smells musty, the chances are good that mold has gotten into your AC unit or system. Having your ductwork cleaned can get rid of the bad smell.