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Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Your Next Lighting Project


Led roadway lighting

Spring is around the corner and with it comes your looming list of home improvement projects – are you ready for what this year has in store? If not, you aren’t alone. Thousands of Americans walk into hardware stores every single year with high hopes that someone there will be able to give them all the info and equipment they need to complete their next project. For many, these projects have to do with lighting whether it be garage lighting for a new game room or work space or warehouse lighting for a new business venture. No matter what type of lighting project you might be working on in the future, there are a few foundational facts that it’s always nice to know:

Fluorescent vs. LED – This debate seems to have been going on for years now: which type of bulb is best? Understanding which bulb you want for your next lighting project is extremely important. Two things to consider are lifespan and efficiency; in these two categories LED bulbs win big. The average lifespan of a fluorescent bulb is about 20,000 hours, whereas an LED will last up to 50,000 hours. As far as efficiency, The US Department of Energy studies show that LED lighting could potentially to reduce the country’s energy usage by nearly 50 percent.

Lighting Laws – Did you know that in some areas in the United States, the law requires all parking garage lighting to be on at all times? Of course this is just a regulation on certain type of parking structure in certain areas and not your garage lighting at home, but it is imperative to understand if you are putting lights on a commercial building or structure.

Fixture Varieties – Another thing to consider when trying to understand your next lighting project is the amount of variety you will have to choose from. From canopy fixtures, high and low bay lighting fixtures, and wall pack light fixtures there is a slight chance that you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed with your options. Take a look at some light fixtures online that might work for your space and talk to a lighting expert about how that could work for you.

Having proper lighting in your space, whether it’s home, office, or garage lighting, is key. The last thing anyone wants is to walk in somewhere and try and read or work and not have adequate lighting to do so without straining their eyes. If one of your upcoming home improvement projects requires lighting work and you aren’t sure where to start, consider going through the list above and asking yourself some questions. Have you chosen the right bulb for the space and for your budget? Have you examined any necessary lighting laws in your area? Do you know what types of fixtures exist for the space you want to light? If you have answers to these three questions before walking into a lighting store then you will be ahead of the crowd for sure!

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