7 Landscape Lighting Ideas You’ll Love


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If you have put a lot of time, effort, and love into your landscaping, you want the world to see it. You want to enjoy it yourself, and you want it to improve the curb appeal of your home. Landscape lighting is a great way to showcase your landscaping in a way that highlights all the assets of your property. Read on for some ideas for landscape lighting design.

Use Landscape Lighting to Mark Your Perimeters

If you’ve got a walkway, driveway, or path of any sort, mark out the perimeter with some area lights, flood lights, or quiet and muted exterior lighting. You want something that will not detract from natural moonlight, but which will highlight where people should walk.

Use Them to Add Color and Texture

Landscape lighting ideas should include highlighting plants of unusual color or interesting texture. Put your lights in areas where these plants will pop. Not only will you be able to see better, but you’ll be able to appreciate some of the best pieces of your lawn even after dark.

Think About Moon Lighting for Your Trees

Some landscape lighting professionals can offer you moon lighting. These lights are up in the trees instead of down on the walkway, and they give the effect of natural moonlight. This method of lighting also hides the lighting fixtures, which helps preserve the most natural look in your garden. If you want to give your home the look of being surrounded by woods, place moon lighting in the tallest trees further from the house.

Use Indirect Lighting for a More Intimate Feel

One of the problems with outdoor lighting at night is that the bulb light can feel harsh on the eyes in the darkness, and the whole thing can make guests feel as if they’re in a spotlight. You can avoid some of this by using only indirect lighting.

Combine Color Spectrums

Moonlight is a cool color, while candles are a nice, warm, yellow light that speaks of home and hearth. Combine these in your landscape lighting to make your candle look pop and your moon light feel inviting and natural.

Use Your Hardscaping to Hold Lights

One way to get some indirect lighting is to use the undersides of hardscape elements to hold strip LED lights. They can go under a table or eve, or along a wall. They provide a bright pop of light to highlight paths or plants, but won’t shine in your face in an annoying way.

Shadows Can Be Interesting

A lighting design that takes as much advantage of the shadows as of the light places will really stand out. Stones of any kind can make a beautiful pattern when partially lit, and this is also a clever way to hide areas of your home or garden that you might not like so much.

Your exterior lighting goes a long way to increase your home’s curb appeal and your own enjoyment of your property. If you’re not satisfied with your outdoor lighting design, look for designers in your area who can give you ideas about the best way to showcase your landscaping.