We Need to Focus More on Our Gutters


When it comes to gutters, we surely don’t give them enough attention! Many people don’t think about gutter installation or gutter repair the moment they purchase a new home or look at the exterior of the home they previously lived in. It’s something that is easily forgotten about, which is why we’re here to give you a simple reminder of how often you should clean your gutters. Many people think, “When cleaning the gutters on my home, where do I turn?” We can answer this question.

To answer that question of “cleaning the gutters on my home” we have one very simple answer: It should be done at least twice a year. Many people don’t know more about their gutters than the fact that they come with your house and you occasionally have to pull leaves out of them. Some people even neglect to do so, which could lead to huge issues. If the gutters are forgotten about, damage can be done.

There are many things you need to know about caring for your gutters. For instance, you need one downspout for every 30-40 linear feet of gutter. You should always add more downspouts so that it can increase the livelihood of your gutters. Many people decide to use different types of gutters that have a better livelihood, such as copper gutters, which never rust or need painting. They could last about 100 years, which is why they might be best for your house.

Here’s a good reason why gutters should always be cleared and you should never delay: Each gallon of rain that falls in certain areas will weigh about eight pounds. If you have clogged gutters, this means that your gutters could be holding thousands of pounds. This means that they could easily break and won’t last as long as you’d like them to. With just one inch of rainfall in certain parts of the US, about 600 gallons of water is created. This is just extra weight that you don’t want to put in your gutters unnecessarily.

Don’t fail your gutters. Remember that they, too, need cleaned like many aspects of your home.