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Three Reasons to Choose Green Building Materials for Your Home


These days, nearly everyone is concerned about the environment. One of the areas of most interest right now is home construction using green building construction materials. The question is, can green building materials be high performance, as well? Fortunately, the answer is yes, and it is entirely possible to have buildings that are both eco-friendly and high performance. The worry for many people is whether it’s all worth it. Here’s what you need to know about the three biggest benefits of high-performance green buildings.

It Doesn’t Cost As Much As You Fear

Building codes worldwide are getting more strict by the year. Meanwhile, supply chains for eco-friendly materials are becoming more mature, and people are better aware of they want and need when it comes to putting up a high performance structure. Investors are learning. Construction experts are getting more skilled with the materials every passing month. Prices are going down quickly, and while the starting outset price may still be higher, that will be made up for in reduced operating costs. High performance green buildings have been shown to save substantial money over traditional building materials when it comes to reducing energy use and water consumption. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has found that insulated concrete form walls, for example, save a homeowner 20% to 25% on heating and cooling costs every year. These savings are usually greater than the increased costs you pay for design and construction, and that’s not even considering the lower maintenance costs you typically enjoy with good green building materials.

They Add Enormous Value to Your Assets

As more and more people become aware of the need for environmentally responsible structures and investors become more knowledgeable about the long-term benefits of high performance green structures, buildings that are sustainable, green, and high performance are in high demand. They attract buyers and tenants and sell for higher prices than comparably sized buildings made from traditional materials.

They Mitigate Future Risks

A building made with insulated concrete forms, for example, is not only high performance and eco-friendly, but it’s also six to nine times stronger than buildings made from traditional materials. They’re capable of withstanding a lot of natural disasters as they stand tall in winds as fast as 402 kph. This means the buildings are performing at or above the high end of standards, regulations, and codes. With this in mind, as standards continue to change, a high performance green building has lasting value and provides a great return on investment.

Greening our building industry provides us with long-term, large-scale benefits. It also provides short-term, tangible benefits to homebuilders and commercial builders alike. If you’re getting ready to build, be sure to take some time to see what high performance green buildings can do for you.

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