An average American household spends approximately 2.7% of their income on energy bills. This accounts for over $2,000 annually. Ideally, space heating accounts for 45% of the energy bill. Most central heating problems arise after the boiler is left idle for a long time, for example leaving the heating off during summer. There are a number of ways that you can fix a faulty boiler without necessarily having to call an engineer. However, some boiler problems require professional ac repair in order to avoid any potential danger or making the situation worse. Below are common faulty boiler problems and how you can fix them without seeking ac service and repair in

Low Boiler Pressure
The pressure indicator on boilers is displayed on the pressure gauge. Constantly checking the pressure could save you time and money for air conditioning services. Low pressure does not entirely mean that you have a faulty boiler but rather, the central heating system cannot work effectively if the boiler’s pressure is below 1. Low pressure can be attributed to a number of issues key among them being water leak in the system. Check the system for a possible leak and if any is found, have your ac unit repaired by an expert in Charlottesville va.

Radiators not Heating Up
You could be having a faulty boiler when there are cold patches in the radiators that cause unequal distribution of heat. In order to resolve this problem, you need to establish if the cold patch is at the bottom, middle or at the top of the radiator. Fore example, if only the bottom section of the radiator is getting heated, it doesn’t mean you have a faulty boiler but rather, there is air trapped inside the radiator. If the cold patch is around the middle section or at the top of the radiator, there is possibly a build-up of sludge and rust.

Whistling/Gurgling Noises from the Boiler
This is one of the most common issues with air conditioners that can be very disruptive to homeowners. The kind of noise being produced can tell you whether you have a faulty boiler or not. In most cases, a noisy boiler is either caused by low water pressure, a faulty pump or air presence in the system. The noise can also signal some serious issues that require professional air conditioner maintenance.

Intermittent Heat and Water
Intermittent heat is caused by faulty valves, low water levels, a broken thermostat or broken diaphragms. When checking if you have a faulty boiler, start by the pressure and the thermostat-both which are easily accessible. If the problem is being caused by low pressure, there are simple ways to re-pressure your boiler. If thermostat is not working and you are unable to find a solution on the manufacture’s manual, seek help from a reputable air conditioning service. A broken valve or diaphragm might require replacement and this can only be done by someone professional trained to do such replacements.