Plumbing tips to keep your pipes clear, even with kids


Plumbing has to be one of the most frustrating things to deal with when your a home owner, especially if your a home owner with a family. Kids flush way too much toilet paper down the toilet, toys go down the drain, tooth brushes get lodged in sinks and the list goes on and on. So what can you do to try and maintain your plumbing and avoid having any mishaps?

Teach your children at a young age how much toilet paper is needed for whichever job they are handling during the cleanup process. Toddlers are constantly using handfuls of toilet paper because they haven’t been taught the right way how to do it, it may be a touchy subject but as a parent it is just a thing we must do. Inform your teenage daughters of what can and cannot be disposed of in the toilet as certain feminine products are one of the number one culprits for clogged toilets. If you have a small one running around that is still in diapers and can easily access the toilet it may be worth your time to install a toilet lock to make sure nothing gets flushed that shouldn’t. You can save 18,000 gallons of water if you ask about installing a low flush toilet while you are receiving repair services. Toilet repair is never a fun job so getting the help of a water heater repair contractor that handles plumbing is well worth the bill.

When having small kids using the sinks for brushing their teeth you may wish to use a sink filter just in case they drop their toothbrush and it slips down the drain. Hair clips, bobby pins, ribbons, and other small hair accessories are another clogging culprit that could very well lead you to a plumbing catastrophe. By having a small netted filter on the sink it keeps unwanted objects from heading down the drain. A water heater repair contractor is trained in plumbing problems of all kinds.

Bath tub toys get sucked down the drain surprisingly easily. Many older tubs don’t have the stoppers in place that catch objects before they head down the drain and if this is the case getting to the clogged drain of a tub can be a real nightmare. If you live in a home that does not have stoppers on the drain it is a very easy thing to have installed and will save you a much larger bill down the road when Barbie gets sucked down and clogs up the works. Drain cleaning is a messy job but water heater repair contractors are trained to get in and do it right.

Besides your basic clogs like large bowel movements and hair that seems to just happen naturally these are some things you can tackle on your own. If you find your toilet constantly backing up, drain stopping, draining slowly or making strange gargling noises when it is used it may be time to call a water heater repair contractor with plumbing certifications to fix your drainage.